Originally posted on October 14, 2016 here. About a week ago, I had a dream that I was asked by a goddess who presented herself to me as a curvy, heavy set…

Perhaps the fates had finally turned against humanity. What other explanation existed for a mercury retrograde coming right after the most batshit election the American people had ever suffered?

 From Modern Mythology: What is so terrifying about clowns? Why do they seem to pop up everywhere sometimes? Over a week now into a supposed “clown scare” — which may or may not be a…

What I suppose differentiates me from most people I’ve found in say magick circles is that my practice, and the practice I’m recommending here revolves more around the ritualistic use of marijuana specifically, which I almost jokingly refer to as ganj-i-tation

I mean, it’s not super tough to diagnose what went wrong with R.A.W. as far as spiritual progress goes. To advance in this capacity, you have to shut off the part of your mind that’s been imprinted with the idea that western atheistic scientism is the only means of understanding reality.

What is the nature of suffering? Many people consider suffering in life to be the default state, where their entire life is a series of painful events in a never ending cycle of misery.