I mean, it’s not super tough to diagnose what went wrong with R.A.W. as far as spiritual progress goes. To advance in this capacity, you have to shut off the part of your mind that’s been imprinted with the idea that western atheistic scientism is the only means of understanding reality.

What is the nature of suffering? Many people consider suffering in life to be the default state, where their entire life is a series of painful events in a never ending cycle of misery.

What’s critical is that in the few magick books I’ve actually read, the emphasis was always on technique and not purpose. In my experience, this is a fairly huge oversight as I don’t think technique necessarily means a whole lot and intent is pretty much everything.

Probably the coolest website I’ve stumbled upon in the last 6 months or so has been the Secret Sun blog, which showcases the genius level writing of metaphysical pop cultural synchromystic Chris…