Fear From Above: Chemtrails vs. Conspiracy Theory in the Bay Area

Could the reason for alleged chemtrails spraying really be “Because they’re assholes”? From SF Weekly:

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

— Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

Part I: Warriors for the Deep Blue Sky

Patrick Roddie films the sky every day. Two years ago, he rigged a camera on the roof of his apartment building in Lower Pacific Heights to record timelapses of the sun’s dawn-to-dusk arc, along with the sky’s usual bland traffic of birds, airplanes, and clouds.


Many of Roddie’s timelapses — which he uploads to YouTube — capture something else, too: hazy, white threads that thicken in the wake of airplanes and sometimes tattoo the sky in grids. To the uninitiated, these are contrails, the harmless water vapor that commercial planes spume as they track across the sky at 30,000 feet. To Roddie and his followers, however, these are chemtrails, the toxic signature of a covert government program to slow global warming and control the weather.

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Graham Hancock: Awakening from Amnesia

Disinformation author Graham Hancock has just released a new video interview entitled “Awakening from Amnesia”:

He shares his views on psychedelics, the war on consciousness, the battle of good against evil, and the new paradigm of prehistory that is struggling to be born. Hancock’s latest non-fiction book Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization, which presents stunning new evidence for a lost civilization destroyed in a global cataclysm at the end of the last Ice Age is discussed as well as the themes explored in his novels Entangled and the War God series. The interview was conducted by Aaron French, editor of Dark Discoveries Magazine.

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Fecal Feasters & Rimming Radicals: Homophobic Propaganda Poster from Brother Jed Smock


The above propaganda poster is brought to us by Brother Jed Smock. Bro. Jed is the President of Campus Ministry USA, which specifically targets students with “confrontational Evangelism.”

According to his website:

“Why do you preach on college campuses everyday? Are we the only sinners?” a student asked.

“No, but tomorrow you may be the influential sinners unless I cam [sic] persuade you to become influential saints!” I replied.

Bro. Jed also warns (for party animals only!) “that when [students] use drugs they are practicing sorcery.” In fact, he explains, Timothy Leary was a sorcerer.

Medical science teaches that one hallucinates under L.S.D.; that is, they see things that are not there. However, medical science does not understand the spiritual dimension of an L.S.D. trip. Leary taught that one sees things that are there; only they are not in the material, physical world, but the spiritual. Leary was a sorcerer.

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Bernie Sanders On The Issues

Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 1.08.13 PM

This infographic originally appeared on PicturingPolitics.com. To see more a more in-depth overview of Bernie Sanders’ political stances, go here.

The internet has spoken. It’s in love with Bernie Sanders.

But in politics, as in real life, it’s important to try to really get to know the person you’re falling head over heals for.

With that in mind I decided to make a simple Bernie Sanders infographic displaying where he stands on a wide array of political issues.

And that’s not all!

For those of you that want more than just a picture I’ve scoured the internet for the most interesting and informative posts discussing Sanders on a HUGE range of issues from a HUGE range of talented writers.

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From the Sumerians to Shakespeare to Twain: why fart jokes never get old

English caricaturist Richard Newton’s 1798 cartoon depicts John Bull farting on the face of King George III. Library of Congress

English caricaturist Richard Newton’s 1798 cartoon depicts John Bull farting on the face of King George III. Library of Congress

Farting is a universal human experience, as routine as eating, breathing and sleeping. And it seems to be a cross-cultural and trans-historical fact that passing gas, at least in most social contexts, is rude and offensive.

There’s also the fundamental truth pertaining to the topic: farts are funny. But why is this the case? They’re often a source of discomfort and embarrassment, so why do they double as an inspiration for humor, even literary beauty?

Literary giants let it rip

Every culture in recorded history has had its preferred forms of humor relating to bodily functions, but none have been more reliable in stirring a reaction than fart jokes. In fact, according to British academic and poet Paul MacDonald, the oldest joke in recorded history – which dates back to the Sumerians in 1900 BC – was a fart joke: “Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.”

Fart jokes have also found their way into some of the classics of Western literature.… Read the rest

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Westboro Baptist Church gets Rick Roll’d

This is a thing of great beauty.

Daniel Kreps via Rolling Stone:

Foo Fighters performed Friday night at Kansas City’s Sprint Center, and is customary anytime Dave Grohl visits the Missouri city, the Westboro Baptist Church was situated outside the venue protesting the gig. In August 2011, the Foo Fighters hijacked the Westboro protests with an impromptu flatbed concert.. This time around, the church’s hateful placards and chants were drowned out by the sounds of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” blasting out of a pickup truck with the Foo Fighters onboard.

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True Detective Season 2, Breaking Bad, & Weaponized Memes


Photoshop Art by Jasun Horsley

There were high expectations for the second season of Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective, and a lot of people were disappointed by what they got. It became a form of strange enjoyment for many viewers to “hate-watch” the show and then bitch about it afterwards via social media. Why was the show so ferociously maligned? Besides the usual sort of backlash that occurs when an artist (Nic Pizzolatto) gains a too-rapid reputation as a cultural hero, only to have it stripped away by the same voices that gave it to him, there was also something subtler and darker at work.

While discussing the show with an H.P. Lovecraft-exegetist, Heather Poirier, she brought up the idea of the American Dream as a weaponized meme. Poirier suggested that people who pursue their happiness based on unrealistic ideals become carrier of a cultural virus and have to destroy parts of themselves in order to attain their goals—or even just to feel like they are attaining them.… Read the rest

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Digital surveillance ‘worse than Orwell’, says new UN privacy chief


Joseph Cannataci

United Nations privacy chief Joseph Cannataci says a Geneva convention for the internet is needed, per the Guardian:

The first UN privacy chief has said the world needs a Geneva convention style law for the internet to safeguard data and combat the threat of massive clandestine digital surveillance.

Speaking to the Guardian weeks after his appointment as the UN special rapporteur on privacy, Joseph Cannataci described British surveillance oversight as being “a joke”, and said the situation is worse than anything George Orwell could have foreseen.

He added that he doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, and said it was regrettable that vast numbers of people sign away their digital rights without thinking about it.

“Some people were complaining because they couldn’t find me on Facebook. They couldn’t find me on Twitter. But since I believe in privacy, I’ve never felt the need for it,” Cannataci, a professor of technology law at University of Groningen in the Netherlands and head of the department of Information Policy & Governance at the University of Malta, said.

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