50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know

50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know: Volume 1 (Paperback)

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Russ Kick has proved himself a master at uncovering facts that “they” would prefer you never hear about. The rapid success of the large-format Disinformation Guide series edited by Kick only whetted a roaring public appetite for more revelations about government cover-ups, scientific scams, corporate crimes, medical malfeasance, historical whitewashes, media manipulation, and other knock-your-socks-off secrets and lies. Among Kick’s amazing discoveries, all thoroughly documented:

• The first genetically modified humans have already been born.
• Hitler’s blood relatives are living in the U.S.
• The CIA commits over 100,000 serious crimes per year.
• The U.S. planned to explode an atomic bomb on the moon.
• An atomic bomb was dropped on North Carolina.
• The main hero of the movie Black Hawk Down is a convicted child molester.
• The discoverer of HIV no longer believes the virus is the sole cause of AIDS.
• Kent State wasn’t the only massacre of U.S. college students during the Vietnam era.
• Lincoln didn’t free any slaves.

50 THINGS YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW is a uniquely valuable tool to debunk modern mythology and the people and institutions serving it up.

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November 1, 2003