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Believercise: Christian aerobics instructors strut for Jesus

This… This video is gold.

Youtube description: Welcome back to the 1980’s, the best decade ever. Believercise was one of the first Christian exercise videos that capitalized on modern video technologies of the era. Set to contemporary hits of the time Believercise became very popular. This exercise video was the first set and featured Cathi Stout. There were sixteen parts to this workout video. A second video, Believercise 2, followed and became popular also.

h/t Christian Nightmares for finding the funniest videos. Follow them on Twitter.

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Satan’s Toy Box

Turmoil in a ToyboxThis crazy video features an insane look back on the toys and cartoons of the 1980’s by a couple of confused evangelical Christians who see the Devil in every detail. Author Phil Phillips and Pastor Gary Greenwald would be just a couple of bumbling buffoons if their brand of humorless hysteria hadn’t been part of a bigger trend that lead to the “Satanic Panic” of that era — a time when hundreds of unsubstantiated cases of so-called Satanic ritual abuse were reported around the United States.

The good people at i09 published a short version of this video. Here are some of their favorite bits:

• Dungeons & Dragons “game pieces” scream when you set them on fire!

• “It’s called necromology.”

• Darth looks “almost exactly” like the Norse god Odin

• Smurfs are blue with black lips… just like corpses.

• “There’s a form of witchcraft [in Star Wars] called ‘Obi witchcraft.'” Obi obi obi!… Read the rest

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