In the wake of the NSA/Snowden revelations, and the general sense of paranoia that has taken grip of the news cycle and the internet, a few pundits have assumed the roles of…

Forum for the Future is a United Kingdom-based think tank with funding from corporate giants such as PepsiCo and Vodafone. Prior to New Year’s, it unveiled a series of animated shorts depicting how life within megacities might look in the year 2040. Perhaps most interesting is the vision of a benignly-Orwellian “Planned-opolis” in which daily activity is carefully regulated:

CNN reports on a new public-private partnership between Walmart and Department of Homeland Security for a program called ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ which  “encourages the American public to take an active role in ensuring the safety and security of the nation.” Beginning in 2011, shoppers will be shown this Orwellian video message on Walmart checkout screens: