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Bill Maher On The ‘Joke Candidate’

Y'know, it's not wrong to think that Obama is the only logical choice in 2012, and not because he is the right choice, but because the GOP has no real mainstream contenders who can speak a lick of sense on any issue. But Bill Maher gives a rather ominous perspective on just how much the "joke candidate" can become the "underdog-elect" in November.
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A Civics Test For Those Wishing To Be President

Imagine if the incumbent US president and all of his Republican challengers were required to respond to a civics test so as to determine their suitability for office. The test would concern the constitutionality of three things: (1) the current money and financial systems (incl. foreign aid); (2) the conducting of undeclared foreign wars, and; (3) the recent legislative attempt to deprive the People of their unalienable rights under §1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act. Instead of debate after stage-managed debate, why not insist on having each prospective office-seeker commit to responding to this little civics test? After all, if the underlying fundamentals of our laws are simply ignored, how can an aspirant to the nation’s highest elective office be tolerated and even seriously considered? How can such a person be acting in the best interests of the People, viz., the true Sovereign for whom our system of government was established? Accordingly, I challenge President Obama and the Republicans seeking the nomination to respond to my little civics test, as presented below, by unequivocally stating their respective positions in essay form:


The U.S. Constitution of 1787 was a world novelty. No nation prior to this time had a written constitution in place[1]. Since its adoption in 1789, the U.S. Constitution has been the supreme law of the land. Today it consists of seven articles and twenty-four amendments[2]. Do you believe in adhering to our Constitution?...
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Why The Ron Paul Presidential Run Will Be A MUCH Bigger Deal This Time Around

Ron PaulWill Ron Paul be a serious presidential contender for the 2012 election? Joe Weisenthal writes for Business Insider:

It’s just obvious that in the last four years, since the last time Ron Paul ran for President, the ideological center of gravity in the GOP — and the whole country for that matter — has shifted a lot closer to Ron Paul’s position.

In 2008, Paul ran a cult campaign as a libertarian, anti-Fed, anti-war Republican.

At the time, nobody in the GOP really cared about the Fed, and for the most part, Bush’s wars enjoyed broad support.

Today they’re Obama’s wars, and the Fed is one of the most disliked institutions around, taking daily abuse even from mainstream outlets like CNBC.

It’s inconceivable to think that in the GOP primary, candidates won’t be asked for their position on Bernanke, quantitative easing, the role of the dollar, and of all the candidates, only Ron Paul has made a career on all these issues.

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Ron Paul Starts 2012 Presidential Committee

C’mon Ron, just run! (If you agree, on May 5th there’s a Money Bomb planned).

ron paul money bomb

The Washington Post details Representative Paul’s initial 2012 plans:

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has launched an exploratory campaign, taking the first step towards an expected third run at the presidency and second candidacy for the Republican nomination.

The libertarian-minded congressman said he would make a final decision “one way or another” in May.

In 2008, Paul’s campaign got lots of buzz and media attention for deploying “moneybombs” — one-day fundraising drives that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars. While he developed a loyal following among college students and libertarian activists, Paul was never able to expand his base of support enough to register in Republican primaries. He was also the Libertarian Party nominee in 1988.

Paul is better known now than he was three years ago, and his fiscal focus seems to fit the prevailing national mood.

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Likely GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum On His ‘Google Problem’

santorum021611Nearly a decade later, sex columnist Dan Savage’s innovative and wildly successful “Google-bombing” continues to haunt politician Rick Santorum, and will likely influence the approaching 2012 presidential race, writes Roll Call:

The former Pennsylvania Senator might be well-known on Capitol Hill, but his name more regularly produces blank stares in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, if recent polling is any guide. The likely Republican presidential candidate knows he needs to expand his name identification.

Santorum can only hope voters don’t turn to Google, the world’s most popular Internet search engine, to learn more about him.

Try it for yourself: Enter “Rick Santorum” into Google. In a fraction of a second you’ll have hundreds of thousands of results. But two of the top four cite a graphic definition for a sexual neologism. In this case, the neologism is a reference to anal sex. This, of course, is no accident.

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