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We Will Stop All The Conspiracies!

In the latest video news report from AboveTopSecret.com host Johnny Anonymous reports on a chilling development for all conspiracy theorists: the revelation that Obama administration is seeking to infiltrate groups of conspiracy theorists, and disrupt the flow of free expression. Additional stories include another surprise from the administration in an apparent dismissal of the second amendment, more misleading data revealed on the extent of global warming, and a special visit from the CEO of ATS to discuss some big changes.
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Russ Kick’s ‘100 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know’ Dissected in The ATS Forums

The classic disinformation/Russ Kick 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know books (there are two volumes) are now available in a combined hardcover version exclusively at Barnes & Noble in the U.S. for just $7.98 (and in regular book shops in the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa). Out of the blue the hyperactive forum boards at AboveTopSecret.com have been dissecting the contents. Just one sample comment:

This blew my head off!

#97 Head Transplants on Monkey Have Already Been Performed

Think of all the nerves and structures in the upper spine that need tying to the ones coming out of the head. Spaghetti junction.

Check out the rest of the comments at AboveTopSecret.com.

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Swine Flu Conspiracies with Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green

ATS News presents an exclusive interview with the esteemed forensic scientist, Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green, on several concerns and conspiracies related to swine flu. In part one, we provide you with Dr. Green's unedited "stream of consciousness" about his concerns with how the government and the medical industry has handled the swine flu outbreak from his point of view as a physician and scientist. This first part will be of particular interest for those who have a general concern about the flu, and want to hear some pragmatic opinions and advice.
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Latest ATS News Video: Oath Keepers, CIA Monitoring Social Networks + More

Our friends at AboveTopSecret.com are off to a fast start and have already released a new episode of ATS News with Johnny Anonymous. In this edition Johnny leads off with startling coverage of the CIA's efforts to invest in a small software firm that specializes in "social network monitoring" in their effort to spy on everything we do online. Additional topics include coverage of the Oath Keepers, an unusual aircraft seen by one of our members, the White House's indicate they control (nearly) all media, and much more.
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