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Craigslist Removes Adult Services Ads

Founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark

I wonder how much the traffic will decrease on Craigslist now that there is no adult service choice. From The Washington Post:

One of the world’s biggest providers of Internet classified advertising abruptly shut down the “adult services” section of its U.S. Web sites this weekend, apparently in response to criticism from prosecutors that it had become a tool for prostitution.

But it was unclear whether Craigslist – an icon of the new media transformation of American society – had closed the site to placate those critics, or to hit back at them, casting itself as the victim of censorship. On its famously bare-bones Web sites, the blue-lettered link for adult services was gone. It had been replaced with a black box, containing one word: “censored.”

Craigslist’s usually outspoken leaders gave no explanation for their move and no signal as to whether it would be permanent.

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