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Reinventing the Cultural Narrative with Evolver – Free Radical Media Podcast

In this installment, the Free Radical Media crew talks with Lou Sagar, CEO of Evolver.net and the Evolver Network, which includes the Evolver Social Movement and Reality Sandwich. We discuss the potential of transformative culture, “conscious consumerism,” New Media, herbalism, alternative economic models, the Evolver movement and the culture in which it exists. We had a fantastic, open-ended conversation with Lou on this reality and the realities that can be built in the future.

Find out more about Evolver on their website.

Reality Sandwich

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NYC’s Last Chinatown Arcade Shuts Its Doors

chinatownIt’s a sad day for lovers of underworld history, as an important slice of gritty “old New York” just faded into dust: the last video arcade in Chinatown has closed its gates. The iconic and beloved Chinatown Fair arcade perfectly embodied the cool, seedy downtown culture of Taxi Driver/Warriors-era NYC, and offered a futuristic escape from reality for teenagers and misfits from all boroughs. The arcade was minorly famous for its “tick-tack-toe chicken” booth game, which allowed customers to play an electronic game of tick-tack-toe (sometimes losing) against a live chicken. NYC The Blog offers great photos and a farewell:

Rumors started flying around New York City blogs last week that Chinatown Fair, one of the last traditional arcades left in the city, was closing. Those rumors became reality yesterday when Chinatown Fair locked its doors for good at 8 Mott Street yesterday at 12:48 am. It was in business since at least the 50s, first across the street and then at its current location for almost 30 years.

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Obama Sex Doll For Sale In China

obama_sex_blowupPresident Barack Obama made an appearance today in China…what? it’s just his face…on what?! That’s right, a blow up “Obama” sex doll was exhibited at the Sex Culture Festival in China. The Telegraph reports:

A doll wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, and with Mr Obama’s face carefully screen-printed onto its head, was exhibited at the recent 8th Sex Culture Festival in the southern city of Guangzhou.

The doll was photographed by Chinese state media nestling behind several other standard plastic female toys.

Mr Obama is widely popular in China, and a “Maobama” t-shirt, bearing an image of his face crossed with a portrait of Chairman Mao, has become a best-seller.

The Guangzhou show, which was only open to adults, cost 30 yuan (£3) to enter and was visited by “tens of thousands” of people, according to a spokesman for the Guangdong Gongchuang Economic Development company, the organisers. One star attraction was a female doll costing 98,000 yuan.

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