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American Family Association Terrified By USPS Harvey Milk Stamp

PIC: Daniel Nicoletta (CC)

PIC: Daniel Nicoletta (CC)

In a statement released last week (“A drag queen was behind USPS Harvey Milk stamp“) the American Family Association instructed its membership to refuse delivery of mail stamped with the new commemorative Harvey Milk stamp (I had no idea that there even was one. Thanks, AFA!), and if given them at the post office to ask for a United States flag stamp instead.

Choosing a stamp is your choice, and you can of course use it for anything, like sending a certified letter . You know: the kind that requires a signature. For only a couple of dollars more, you can receive an email that the letter was received and a copy of the individual’s signature – all for less than $6. (If you need to use that form, start over again with your own zip code.)

If you want to send a letter to the American Family Association expressing your feelings regarding this and other actions taken on behalf of you and your family, you may do so at the following address.… Read the rest

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Hilarious ‘Satirist’ Pushes the Envelope Too Far?

Satire is the art of pretending to adopt a position you wish to ridicule and then, with apparent sincerity, aping opinions you consider absurd. A good satirist never drops his mask in public and leaves not a single chink in his characterisation. The trick is to go as far as possible without it ever being too obvious you’re acting the fool. In other words, ‘credibility’ is the key. Could it be possible that this noble art is being enacted by the current Director of “Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy” at the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer?

If so his daring comedic style extends to the following breath-taking nonsense, according to him, the bastards who attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001 were “agents of God’s wrath” because it is they who inspired “God Bless America” to be sung at Major League Baseball games. His topper to these edgy lines are that singing this song is “one of the reasons we haven’t been hit since 9/11.”

Now, Disinfo likes a laugh as much as anyone but even we’re a little unsure about all this.… Read the rest

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American Family Association Calls For Stoning Of Whale

It sounds like a joke, yet isn’t; leading fundamentalist Christian organization American Family Association is calling for the stoning of a whale that killed a trainer at Orlando’s SeaWorld two weeks ago. From Huffington Post:

The American Family Association, a religious right group, is urging that Tillikum (Tilly), the killer whale that killed a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, be put down, preferably by stoning. Citing Tilly’s history of violent altercations, the group is slamming SeaWorld for not listening to Scripture in how to deal with the animal.

However, the group is going further and laying the blame for the trainer’s death directly at the feet of Chuck Thompson, the curator in charge of animal behavior. According to Scripture, if one of your animals kills a second time because you didn’t kill it after it claimed its first human victim, this time you die right along with your animal…”the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death.”

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