Ancient Aliens

Paradigm Symposium 2013 will take place in St. Paul Minnesota and together attendees and speakers will explore the ancient alien hypothesis and paleo-contact theory through a historical lens. This year’s theme is “Re-visioning…

There’s already something endearingly cartoon-like about Ancient Aliens star Giorgio Tsoukalos: his hair alone has launched a thousand memes, to say nothing of some of his Cosmic Love God fashion sense and compulsive quotability. (To his great credit, Giorgio is very much aware of his internet-fame and has a wonderful attitude about it. When I met him two separate kids approached and asked if he “was the guy from the memes.” Giorgio responded with a friendly smile and struck this pose long enough for each of them to snap a photo.)

Well, anyway, now Tsoukalos isn’t just cartoon-like, thanks to the efforts of one animator. Check out this (admittedly creepy) animated take on Giorgio. (It seems to be a one-off effort, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tsoukalos & Pals cartoon in my local television listings….)

I always kind of liked the “Gods from Outer Space” mythology propagated by writers like Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchen: it’s a perfect hybrid of science and religion, a wondrous answer to our deepest existential quandaries. It’s not necessarily comforting, mind you, but it’s relief to think that we’re not alone and that we’re here for a reason. Of course, if that reason is to serve as meat-slaves to Zeta Reticulans, then we’ve got an entirely new problem.

However, liking the mythology doesn’t mean I necessarily believe it. I think it’s possible that we’ve been visited by intelligent non-human entities from space (or time, or some other dimension), but for a scoffer like me, the old adage “seeing is believing” holds true. I’ve just not seen any compelling evidence. (I’d certainly like to, though.)

I’m not really in the debunking business (whatever gets you through the night, brother), but this video targeted at the Ancient Aliens television program is pretty compelling. Be warned, though: it’s pretty long.