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See It: Andrew Breitbart’s So-Called Controversial Obama Footage (Video)

Here's a followup to wild, ungrounded speculation from Zach Lisabeth on Opposing Views (video from BuzzFeed):
Before his unexpected death, conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart was chomping at the bit to release a supposedly "explosive" video of President Obama filmed during the president's time at Harvard Law School. The video was purported to show a young Obama making racially charged comments that Breitbart hoped might damage the president's 2012 reelection bid ...
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Breitbart’s Video Footage Shows Obama With Weather Underground

Interesting how the MSM is completely ignoring this aspect of Andrew Breitbart's untimely death. He was set to release the footage in question on March 1st, the day of his sudden and unexpected death ... Paul Joseph Watson writes at Infowars.com:
The footage that Andrew Breitbart planned to release just hours after his untimely death would have proven hugely damaging to President Obama’s re-election hopes, because it shows Obama fraternizing with Weather Underground terrorists whose goal it was to set up a Communist dictatorship inside the United States.
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Olympia Snowe and Andrew Breitbart: Is It The End of An Era?

SenSnowe-1997There was an eerie synchronicity between the pending resignation of veteran Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, a Republican who had more than she could take of hyper-partisan “conservative” correct-lineism in Congress, and the death of Andrew Breitbart, the right-wing provocateur who did his very best to create the dynamic that Snowe was rejecting.

She would never use the language of her Party-mate Rick Santorum who confessed that some policies he disagreed with made him want to throw up, but if we lived in the age when all roads led to Rome, Congress would surely have its own vomitorium in the basement and it would be well attended.

Breibart’s unexpected passing of “natural causes” at might foreshadow the death of his political brand just as Snowe’s retreat to the State lobsters made famous may mark the end of the center in the GOP.

There was nothing natural about Andrew’s angst and activism as he smeared and bullied political opponents with the full support of the extremist echo chamber that helped him build his career.… Read the rest

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Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Commentator and Internet News Pioneer, Dead at 43

Andrew Breitbart

Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC)

Greg Sandoval reports in cNet News:

Though he became best known as a conservative commentator, Andrew Breitbart was also one of the early proponents of Internet news. According to the Washington Post and Breitbart’s own site, the Los Angeles native died this morning at the age of 43. The cause of death was not disclosed.

In the mid-1990s, Breitbart was among those who recognized the impact the Web would have on communications and began corresponding with Matt Drudge, creator of the Drudge Report. He would later served as an editor for the site and become a close Drudge friend and ally.

Drudge later introduced Breitbart to Arianna Huffington and Breitbart helped her create The Huffington Post. Both the Drudge Report and Huffington Post would become two of the most popular Internet news sites. Breitbart eventually launched his own Web sites, including Breitbart.tv, and Big Hollywood.

This WIRED article “How Andrew Breitbart Hacks the Media” from April 2010 provides much more background.… Read the rest

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How Andrew Breitbart Hacks the Media

Whether you agree with this guy's politics or not, it is worth knowing who Andrew Breitbart is. In the recent issue of WIRED, Noah Shachtman profiles someone who really does direct the major media discourse in the United States. I am sure lots of people heard about this story (and saw this video), but how many paid attention to this one? Andrew Breitbart
Andrew Breitbart has been waiting 45 minutes for a filet mignon. He drums his fingers on the table in this plush Italian restaurant off Times Square, a place where the media types he regularly trashes used to flaunt their expense accounts — back when they still had them. Breitbart looks around for a waiter and launches into a stem-winder about collusion between Hollywood and the press — the “subtle and not-so-subtle use of propaganda to make a center-right nation move to the left. “It’s not just the nightly news,” he says. “You’re also getting television shows that reflect the same worldview, where Republicans are always the bad guys. Al Qaeda’s never the bad guy. The Republican is always the bad guy.” From anyone else, this would be just talk — or talking points. (No terrorist bad guys on TV? Really?) But Breitbart is one of the people who rams those points into the popular consciousness. Until last September, the beefy 41-year-old with graying blond hair was a largely covert power in the right-wing media, the hidden hand behind the popular Drudge Report who also, weirdly, cofounded the liberal Huffington Post. But then he struck out on his own...
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