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Chimpanzee Drone Take Down was Premeditated

I’m starting to think we should just run an “animals vs. drones” series.

Rachel Feltman via Washington Post:

In April, a chimp in The Netherlands took down a drone being used to film the Burgers’ Zoo.

Now researchers have published their analysis of the clip in the journal Primates, and they’re quite impressed.

In addition to showing a stellar example of tool use — which chimps are pretty great at — researchers now say the video shows that the chimp planned out its actions in advance.

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h/t Death and Taxes.

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New Shark Species Found In Food Market

Photo: Laurent Bugnion (CC)

Photo: Laurent Bugnion (CC)

Biologists are finding new species constantly, but it took a hungry market and working fishermen to find this new shark species. The National Geographic reports:

It’s unlikely anyone’s ever complained, “Waiter, there’s a new species in my soup.” But the situation isn’t as rare as you might think.

A monkey, a lizard, and an “extinct” bird have all been discovered en route to the dinner plate, and now a new shark species joins their ranks, scientists report.

Fish taxonomists found the previously unknown shark at a market in Taiwan—no big surprise, according to study co-author William White.

“Most fish markets in the region will regularly contain sharks,” White, of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Hobart, Australia, said via email.

[Continues at National Geographic]

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