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Russian Spy Anna Chapman Reveals ‘The Secrets of the World’ On TV

anna-chapmanRemember Anna Chapman, the sleeper spy and Internet sensation? Now that she’s safely back in Russia, in addition to becoming a Maxim Mag cover girl, appearing in movies and generally being a contemporary Moscow “It Girl,” she has, of course, garnered her own TV show, debuting tonight on Ren-TV. The producers of the show told AP that Anna will “use all her talents to solve the world’s most complicated mysteries.” Ren-TV‘s website, in dodgy translation, describes the show as follows:

This is the only TV project, which has agreed to Anna Chapman. Viewers will be able to see her only on REN TV. “The mysterious woman is the most mysterious program” – so says the project director of the Documentary and journalistic program Mikhail TUKMACHEV.

The program “Secrets of the world and Anna Chapman is dedicated to the most puzzling phenomena of modern times. It is no coincidence that the leading program has become the most mysterious woman of our time.

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Anna Chapman: Internet Sensation

Assuming none of these Russian spying charges stick (apparently no actual secrets were sent to Russia), Anna Chapman seems likely to profit massively - one envisions her own reality TV show, K-Mart fashion line, and all the other trappings of instant tabloid fame. Some thoughts from Jeff Stein in the Washington Post:
“Act naturally,” the Russians tell their espionage trainees before dispatching them to America. Boy, did she.
Anna Chapman cut a wide swath in New York even before her arrest on charges of spying for Mother Russia, judging by the sultry shots and videos suddenly popping up everywhere, starting with her own Facebook page...
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