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Anonymous Claims Control Of Iranian Government Servers

AnonymousStephen C. Webster writes on The Raw Story:
Hackers claiming to be part of protest group "Anonymous" published on Friday over 10,000 internal emails from the Iranian government's ministry of foreign affairs, as part of an ongoing campaign against the authoritarian regime. The emails were published to torrent file sharing website The Pirate Bay, along with usernames and passwords. Members also claimed they had taken control of the government's servers. In a chat with Raw Story, members of Anonymous on the #OpIran server said they were leading the charge because they want Iranians to know they're not alone in their struggle against the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They also pointed to a declaration of intent to attack the Iranian government, which they published to YouTube in February.
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Acts of Resistance: What Are You Going To Do This June 14th?

OESRDavid DeGraw writes on AmpedStatus:

The big banks have sold us out.
Democrats and Republicans have sold us out.
No one is defending our interests.
Our future is going up in flames.

It’s time for us to stand up and defend ourselves.

Trillions of dollars in fraudulent activity by the big banks on Wall Street caused our current economic crisis. Paid off politicians from both parties, along with secret deals made by the Federal Reserve, gave trillions of taxpayer dollars and subsidies to the very people who caused our crisis. After taking our tax dollars, they had the audacity to give themselves all-time recording-breaking bonuses and consolidate wealth in unprecedented fashion within the economic top 0.01% of the population.

While a record number of Americans are currently living in poverty and on food stamps; while millions of American families have been foreclosed upon; while health care, food and gas costs are skyrocketing; while over 200 million Americans are living paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet, the super-wealthy have never had it better.

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Anonymous May Day Attack On Iran

Anonymous is bombing Iran — with code — in a May Day attack started today at 0500 GMT.

From CNN:

The Internet hackers group Anonymous plans to hack Iran on Sunday, according to a press release published on their website. The group wants to use International Workers’ Day, which commemorates the first national general strike in the United States, as an opportunity to reignite last year’s protests in Iran.

Exactly how they intend to “attack” Iran remains to be seen. The sophistication of their previous attacks ranges from the denial-of-service overloading of web servers (this simply knocks a website out) to the exploitation of code and accessing of private data (more like the hacking seen in the movies).

The announcement follows news from the Bahrain News Agency that Iranian hackers had tried to access the Housing Ministry’s database regarding those who benefit from the housing services…

[continues at CNN]

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Prepare For Revolution: The Empire State Rebellion | #OpESR

We The People“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has, and it never will.” — Frederick Douglass

David DeGraw writes on Amped Status:
Contrary to rumors being spread around, I do not know what our friends at Anonymous have planned for Operation Empire State Rebellion (OpESR). However, I wholeheartedly agree with the goals they presented in their “Communication #1” video. They are very similar to reports I have been writing and the movement we have been calling for on our social network:
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The Bank of America Data Leak Starts, Thanks To Anonymous

Bank_of_AmericaIn November 2010 Julian Assange created much consternation among banking circles by revealing that WikiLeaks had material that could take down a major bank, which was later revealed to be Bank of America. However, despite or maybe because of Assange’s arrest in Britain, the leak was not forthcoming … until now, it seems.

The group Anonymous has announced an initial BofA release on its Twitter feed and the link to a .rar compressed file is here. The group’s website BankOfAmericaSuck.com appears to be down as of this posting, probably because it’s overwhelmed (or perhaps BofA has attacked it?).

The disinformation team hasn’t had a chance to analyze the leaked material from BofA yet – anyone who has please post your thoughts in the comments.

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Anonymous: It’s A Trap! (From the Westboro Baptist Church)

Anonymous: It's A Trap!Ms. Smith writes on Network World:

According to Anonymous, Westboro Baptist Church was behind the Open Letter allegedly from Anonymous, and then added fuel to the flames with WBC’s “Bring it” reply. Anonymous warns don’t DDoS, it’s a trap to collect IPs for suing.

Twitter is on fire with the news of an upcoming troll-on-troll feud of Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church. In case you missed it — in an Open Letter, Anonymous allegedly told the anti-gay, fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church to stop the hate now or else “the damage incurred will be irreversible” and “neither your institution nor your congregation will ever be able to fully recover.” The Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church struck back, telling Anonymous to “bring it!” and that God hates “lousy hackers.”

In-between the two, this other Open Letter from Anonymous gained less attention, but told WBC that Anonymous knew it was a trap, and the short-on-money, thrive-on-attention WBC was in fact behind the first Open Letter supposedly from Anonymous.

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‘Anonymous’ Hackers Hit U.S. Security Firm

anonymousBBC News reports:

Online activist group Anonymous has targeted an American security firm that claimed to know the identities of its leaders.

The secretive organisation is being investigated in several countries over strikes on Visa, PayPal and others.

Over the weekend Aaron Barr, head of HBGary Federal, said he had discovered the names of its most senior figures.

The group retaliated overnight by breaking into the company’s website and hijacking his Twitter account.

Anonymous, known for being a loosely-knit group, has been involved in a number of high profile online protests and attacks in recent months.

In December, the group launched a campaign in support of Wikileaks that disrupted services at MasterCard, Visa and other companies that had withdrawn support the whistle-blowing website.

The strike led to police investigations around the world, and a number of arrests in Britain and the Netherlands.

Although the individuals who make up the collective claim they do not have a traditional hierarchy, Mr Barr told the Financial Times that he had infiltrated the organisation and uncovered the names and addresses of several senior figures…

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FBI Issues Warrants Over “Anonymous” Cyber Attacks

Will “I did it for the lulz” hold up in court? Fox News reports:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation refused to elaborate Friday on the status of more than 40 search warrants the agency issued throughout the United States on Thursday, as part of an ongoing investigation into recent coordinated cyber attacks against major companies and organizations.

An FBI spokesman refused to tell FoxNews.com whether arrests had been made or were expected, instead referring all questions back to a press release the agency issued late Thursday announcing the warrants.

The FBI also said that the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan Police Service had executed search warrants that had resulted in five arrests. The suspects in custody are identified as young men from the central and souther England area, and range in age from 15 to 26.

Targeted suspects are members of a group called “Anonymous,” which coordinated cyber attacks against companies like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard after the companies had dropped support for WikiLeaks.

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