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The Pope Resigns But The Seat of Evil Remains

The world once again has the opportunity to watch the ceremonious election of a new pontiff.  The seat of power which was first created, based on the Judaic cult, built from the curious and powerful mystery of a one Jesus of Nazareth is soon to be decided upon.

For the first time in 600 years, a standing pope has resigned, citing old age and ailing health.  This may be the case, but why wasn’t the resignation due to blatant  cover-ups on the worldwide sex scandal that continues on to this very day?  Why wasn’t it the appalling and egregious promotion of refusal of birth control and contraception in the third world where child poverty and HIV infection run rampant?  The truth is that the real ‘truth’ on such dirty deeds will not voluntarily come to light; the power is too sweet, the money is too good, the people too pliable.… Read the rest

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A Case For The Anti-Christ

Now a lot of people like to talk about Christianity like they know what they’re talking about. I hear people talking about Jesus’s love for the world, who then apologize for the assholes who apparently “messed up” Jesus’ gospel and turned into something he never would have approved of. You hear it from soccer moms to gay priests, generally liberal, you yourself may have thought Jesus got a bad rap and try to justify all the war, crime and pestilence carried out in his name; that Jesus was basically a good guy. But I wonder, fictional character or real life man, what would Jesus think about the world he left behind 2000 years ago? Because his story has certainly left an impact on world society as a whole – that’s one thing we can all agree on. It’s almost baffling if you try to contemplate it all – of course people have been trying to understand religion since we invented it in the first place.… Read the rest

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