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Divers Return to Antikythera

Picture: Marsyas (CC)

Almost every student of anomalous history will know the story of the Antikythera Mechanism, a mysterious, ancient “computer” of unknown origin discovered on the ocean floor off the island of Antikytherain in 1900. The machine has puzzled scientists since its discovery, but a new mission to the site where it was recovered may provide more information. Via The Guardian:

This week, the team begins a three-week survey using rebreather technology, which recycles unused oxygen from each breath and allows divers to stay deeper for longer. The aim is to survey the wreck site properly for the first time, to find out once and for all what has been left down there – and to check down the slope, to 70 metres depth or more, to see if those stories of runaway statues are true.

Any items found on the wreck site could provide further clues to the origin or ownership of the ship.

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