I spent my childhood going to an evangelical church and was taught that the apocalypse was just around the corner: beasts rising up from the sea, Satan, 666 on your forehead. The whole shebang, and all very literal – no room for metaphor. I could never swallow the doctrine and stopped going as soon as I could effect a strong enough resistance to my parents. Forcing me to go to church was a bigger pain in the ass to my parents than just letting me sleep in and after a while, they stopped going too.

The late December holidays in America used to be known as “the season to be jolly,” with our streets festooned with bright lights, groups caroling, shopping galore, gift giving and cheer. This…

It’s no surprise that preppers and their suppliers are having an “I told you so” moment in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s assault on the media capital of the world. The New…

OK, so you’re skeptical that a “primitive” civilization such as that of the Ancient Maya could have predicted 2012’s disastrous flooding and devastation thousands of years ago. Listen to the experts for a moment, and think again in light of recent events:

In America, everyone believes in the apocalypse: The only question is whether Jesus or global warming will get here first.” That’s how Mathew Barrett Gross, co-author of The Last Myth: What the Rise of Apocalyptic Teaching Tells Us About America introduces the short video ‘America’s Fascination with the Apocalypse’

To say that everyone in America believes in the apocalypse is probably stretching it a bit, but it’s undeniable that the idea of the apocalypse is a recurrent theme in American culture.

Watch ‘America’s Fascination with the Apocalypse’, courtesy of the BBC:

America’s Fascination With The Apocalypse from David Eckenrode on Vimeo.

Via fundraising site IndieGoGo, a campaign to infuse economic activity into a depressed area by converting a vacant, blighted area into ‘Z World Detroit’, an apocalyptic theme park in which visitors are chased by hordes of zombies. Proposals to formally abandon entire sections of the city have provoked much sadness and soul-searching–perhaps this is how to come to grips with the new reality: