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US Air Force Tries To Force Sheahan Family Off Land Next To Area 51

A couple of years ago I spent a great day in Colorado with a local friend and one of his neighbors. It emerged that the neighbor was a member of the Sheahan family of Nevada and he entertained me with tales about mining the family property at Groom Lake, which is next to the US Air Force’s legendary Area 51. Needless to say I pumped him for stories about what unusual things he’d seen and he delivered, but what he talked about most was the government’s unrelenting efforts to kick his family off the land they’d owned for generations.

Groom Lake. Photo: Sheahan family.

Groom Lake. Photo: Sheahan family.


Once I headed back east I didn’t think too much more about it until this week’s revelations that the federal government has a made a “final offer” to the Sheahans of $5.2 Million to force them off their land. The family hasn’t spoken out until now, aside from off the record conversations like the one I enjoyed, but they’ve now entered the court of public opinion.… Read the rest

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A Graphic History of Area 51

For those of you who like your history books in graphic form, the For Beginners and Introducing series have long been the pacesetters. Now Zenith Press has addressed the market for conspiracy culture with Area 51: The Graphic History of America's Most Secret Military Installation by Dwight Jon Zimmerman with art by Greg Scott. Here's the prologue and if you're into it, support this indie press and buy the book: Area 51 Graphic History Page 1
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What Is Area 51?

[disinfo ed.'s note: The following is the prologue to Area 51 - Black Jets: A History of the Aircraft Developed at Groom Lake, America's Secret Aviation Base by Bill Yenne.]
In the cartography of our lives, our dreams, and our popular culture, certain landmarks are embodied with great meaning that transcends their identity as mere places. We travel to certain ones to see things of great cultural or historical importance. Whether we are fond of Michelangelo or Picasso, or of Winslow Homer or Warhol, we go to great museums to view and marvel at celebrated works of art. We go to the Smithsonian to see the tangible artifacts of American history, from the Star Spangled Banner to the Spirit of St. Louis. Meanwhile, we visit other iconic places, such as Waikiki or Las Vegas or any numbers of Disney Worlds or Lands or their analogues with other themes, for specific genres of “fun.” And finally, there are places we visit not for specific artifacts or specific amusements but for the intangible reason that we just want to be there or, arguably more importantly, to say that we have been there. We go to such places to breathe a certain rarified air. We go to such places—Times Square or the corner of Haight and Ashbury—not so much to see and touch specific things, but to stand there and sense an ethereal yet palpable energy or to soak up the vibe. This genre of venues possesses an importance that is greater than the sum of its parts. Merely the mention of one word, such as “Sturgis” or “Graceland,” speaks volumes to those who venerate these places for what they represent. Of course, none of these places is for everyone, and that is what makes each of them so important and so special to those for whom they do resonate. For such people, even those who have never been to these places that are the nexus of their fascination, the mere mention of the name is like a mantra that is a key to unlock an emotion...
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Sirius Business: DIA (Denver International Airport)

The exact relationship between the Reptoids below and the Sirusians above has yet to be conclusively explained or even coherently speculated about. These beings may be cousins, disconnected by the passing ages since their original time on Earth, or our Terran Reptoids may be visitors from Sirius. If the latter is the case, I don’t think their presence can be described as an “alien invasion”  because for the majority of human inhabitants of Earth, these beings do not exist. I am not of the belief that the Reptoids are directly pulling the strings of global domination, as some of the more outlandish theories maintain, but rather are hidden residents that are here by prior arrangement or treaty.

The sprawling reaches of Denver International Airport (DIA) could serve as a spaceport that supports the arrivals and departure of Reptoid/Sirusian travelers. Built in 1994, the airport was fully operational as a civilian airport in February of 1995.… Read the rest

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Government Shutdown Impacts Area 51

Paul2Federal workers at Area 51 are being furloughed, but don’t think that you’ll have any easier of a time sneaking a look at what’s happening there:

Via 8 News Now:

A high-tech sentinel is silhouetted atop a ridge adjacent to the best known entrance point to Area 51, on the flip side of a gravel roadway, the tell-tale vehicle of the omnipresent camo dudes, the security force that patrols the perimeter of the Groom Lake facility to keep the curious out.

Even with the unavoidable warning signs, hidden sensors, and armed security teams, there are still some who think the government shutdown might be a once in a lifetime chance to slip onto the base and see what is going on.

“Security is actually more intense than it was because people do expect there to be nobody there,” proprietor at Little A’le’inn Connie West said.

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Coincidence Control Network: Ep. 52 – Groovin’ with L. Ron

Coincidence Control Network: File #052 – Grooving with L Ron


This week: Area 51 ain’t no thang, bring on Area 52!, Diana conspiracy: The people say ‘meh’, L Ron Hubbard: Jazz Legend, Some Space News from the mouth of Kim Monaghan, and Film Taaaalk.

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, Joseph Matheny, and Ken Eakins


Area 51 declassified Link

Too old. Don’t care – Link

L. Ron Hubbard’s musical hubbub -Link

Black hole action – Link


April March, BS 2000, The Apollo Stars, and Cloroform

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U.S. Government Finally Admits To Area 51

Area-51-mapNot that there was really any doubt in most people’s minds that Area 51 existed, but now it’s official. Philip Bump reports for the Atlantic Wire:

Newly declassified documents, obtained by George Washington University’s National Security Archive, appear to for the first time acknowledge the existence of Area 51. Hundreds of pages describe the genesis of the Nevada site that was home to the government’s spy plane program for decades. The documents do not, however, mention aliens.

The project started humbly. In the pre-drone era about a decade after the end of World War II, President Eisenhower signed off on a project aimed at building a high-altitude, long-range, manned aircraft that could photograph remote targets. Working together, the Air Force and Lockheed developed a craft that could hold the high-resolution cameras required for the images, a craft that became the U-2. Why “U-2”?

They decided that they could not call the project aircraft a bomber, fighter, or transport plane, and they did not want anyone to know that the new plane was for reconnaissance, so [Air Force officers] Geary and Culbertson decided that it should come under the utility aircraft category.

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DisinfoCast: 67: ‘Inside the Real Area 51’ with Thomas J. Carey


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Thomas J. Carey is the co-author of ‘Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson’, a work of investigation centering on the Roswell, New Mexico crash of 1947 and the tantalizing possibility that remains from it and other alien crash sites are being held deep within Wright-Patterson Air Force base. Book is available on August 20. For video version of this interview, visit www.disinfo.com and click “podcasts”.

This podcast is also available in a video format:

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There Are No Simple Answers

We all know the drill, there’s a burst of PR, a promise of untold secrets revealed, and a fee to get in the door. In the world of UFOlogy it’s become a standard trope of the Disclosure Movement to pull together a team of experts for a conference that offers the hope for some final revelation, a closing solution, to that nagging question of what the hell are all these people seeing in the skies. Howard Tullman, President & CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, recently spoke at the Chicago Council on Science and Technology and, unknowingly, offered some very pertinent advice to would be anomaly hunters: “Games are a marketer’s dream.”

When we enter the Fortean fields of the unknown, it’s best to be wary of what engages our attention, because what engages our attention also trains behavior. Labyrinths have one path in, and one path out, and those who design them know the markers that lead the way.… Read the rest

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