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Everybody Talks About Aliens and UFOs, I Intend to do Something About Them…

"The Reptoid God is Caught Red Handed"

Not one to take the possibility of being harvested as human cattle lightly, Art Greenfield (not to be confused with Allen Greenfield) is on a mission to warn the world with his aptly titled publication:


I discovered this anti-reptoid prophet when he jumped into a LinkedIn message board conversation I had been following in order to learn more about the noted parapsychologist Barry Taff’s latest book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

Perhaps due to the title of Taff’s book, Greenfield felt called to post a lengthy series of spontaneous missives, and excerpts from his own book, expounding on the well worn notion that society has been infiltrated by ancient alien ‘repto-sapiens’ hungry for human flesh. As one person put it, Greenfield contributed to the conversation “a book…in one night.” However, they added diplomatically that, “nobody is listening to this ‘outer limits’ conjecture.” A less diplomatic poster expressed his opinion that nobody wanted to engage Greenfield’s “awful drivel.”

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