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Pleasant Dreams? Not Inside This Blood and Guts Tent

It’s not made of real blood and gut, but Andrea Hasler’s amazing art piece “Matriarch” sure looks convincing, as does its companion piece “Next of Kin”. The two tents are actually made of wax, fiberglass, leather, and other materials. If you’re thinking that, in the words of Maude Lebowski, Hasler’s art is “strongly vaginal”, then you may be on to something. “Matriarch” and “Next of Kin” were made to honor the Women’s Peace Camp. You can watch a few “making of” features at Hasler’s website.

Pic: "Matriarch" (C) - Andrea Hasler.

Pic: “Matriarch” (C) – Andrea Hasler.

Via Neatorama:

Hasler, the Zurich, Switzerland-born and now London-based artist, was commissioned by New Greenham Arts to create a piece for Greenham Common in Berkshire, England. That site held the Women’s Peace Camp, which was made famous when 30,000 women joined hands around the perimeter of an American airbase to protest nuclear weapons being held there. Hasler explained that “Metaphorically, I am taking the notion of the tents which were on site during the Women’s Peace Camp, as the container for emotions, and ‘humanise’ these elements to create emotional surfaces.”


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Chewing Gum Art Found Sticking To England’s Streets

Photo: DisillusionedBitterandKnackered (CC)

Photo: DisillusionedBitterandKnackered (CC)

One man’s flavorless gum becomes another man’s art, thanks to Ben Wilson. You can view some of his chewing gum art here. The New York Times reports:

When first exposed to the art of Ben Wilson, or to Mr. Wilson in the act of creating it, people tend to respond with some degree of puzzlement.

“When I first saw one, I thought it was a fruit sticker,” said Matt Brasier, who was walking through this north London suburb the other day.

A woman named Vassiliki, who was passing by, said that when she came upon Mr. Wilson, prone and seemingly inert on the sidewalk, “I thought he wasn’t very well.” She added: “I was like, ‘What is he doing?’ And they told me: ‘He’s painting the chewing gum.’ ”

That is exactly what he was doing. Mr. Wilson, 47, one of Britain’s best-known outsider artists, has for the last six years or so immersed himself in a peculiar passion all his own: he paints tiny pictures on flattened blobs of discarded chewing gum on the sidewalks of London.

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