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Caught on Tape: Karate Student Brutally Attacks Mentally Challenged Man

Curious if there are any updates on this disturbing case.  This has nothing to do with authentic Bushido (the way of the warrior) and the so-called black belts are ignorant thugs who dishonor themselves and all martial arts with their behavior.

Hanford, Calif.  (KMPH News) – A shocking and disturbing video that is now making its way across the internet has captured the attention of the Hanford Police Department.

The six minute video shows a karate instructor ordering a student to beat and possibly kill a mentally challenged man.

“It is such a disturbing video and whether it’s real or not that still needs to be confirmed,” said Hanford Police Chief Carlos Mestas.

Chief Mestas says his department is assisting in the investigation of a possible crime committed 25 years ago in the state of Virginia.

“This was a very disturbing beast type of beating,” said Mestas.

The footage was supposedly taken on December 13, 1984 at a karate dojo reportedly owned by Sgt.

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Anonymous Attacks NAMBLA

310px-NAMBLA_logo.svgI was blissfully unaware that April 25 was “Alice Day”, an occasion for pedophiles to celebrate their proclivities. However, Anonymous was very much aware. The hacker organization took down several pedo and pedo-friendly websites, including NAMBLA’s (The North American Man-Boy Love Association). What are your thoughts about the attack on NAMBLA? Do you approve? What about the organization’s rights to free speech? Is there a line? Where should it be drawn, Disinfonauts?

More about the attack can be found here:

Daily Dot:

Target No. 1 is a Russian-hosted imageboard filled with password-protected albums such as “boy Self pics” and “girls in the bathroom.” Target No. 2 is a “free bookmarking & blogging platform” with “sex” in the URL. Target No. 3 is a popular porn-streaming site with the tagline “where anything legal stays” and the unfortunate reputation for lax security measures against user-submitted underage content. (In talking to the Anonymous source, this is the one he seemed most excited about taking down.) Another is a North American Man-Boy Love Association page.

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Idiot Sets Fire to Stage Magician’s Head

Picture: Wayne Houchin (C)

“I’d like to beat the living s–t out of that coward that did this to Wayne. Sorry but I am disgusted beyond words and equally angered. I hope that justice will be served. Get better soon, Wayne. We are all thinking of you”

Conjurer77, YouTube commentor.

The American stage magician Wayne Houchin, currently one of the stars and hosts of Breaking Magic (Discovery), has suffered severe burns to his face and head after a lunatic poured burning liquid over him in an unprovoked and unexpected attack during the taping of a TV show. The YouTube video (posted at bottom of this article) is going viral and fans of the magician are more than a little annoyed. According to The Telegraph:

[Wayne]was in the Dominican Republic to promote his Curiosidades show when he suffered severe burns after a TV chat show host poured burning cologne over his head.

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When Squatchin’ Goes Wrong: Bigfoot Attacked My Winnebago!

Winnebago warrior and Bigfoot hunter John Reed of Lykens, PA. has filed a report with local police alleging that a Sasquatch broke the windows and lights out on his 1973 Winnebago. Says the police report posted to The Smoking Gun, "Prior to these incidences, the victim related that he saw a bigfoot (sic) in the area." Reed described Bigfoot as "very large, brown in color, and walks somewhat hunched over." Reed is a member of the Lykens Valley Bigfoot Hunters, and if his Facebook profile is any indication, a big fan of the Insane Clown Posse. I'm wondering if he's considered the possibility that the supposed Sasquatch might have just been a particularly disheveled Juggalo. Here's one Juggalo researcher on this competing theory:
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Rabid Beaver Mauls Virginia Woman

Picture: Pearson Scott Foresman (PD)

Via the Washington Post:

An 83 year-old Falls Church, VA woman is recovering from grueling injuries resulting from a rabid beaver attack. The creature chewed chunks out of her leg and nearly bit off one of her thumbs.

The creature knocked Lillian Peterson off her feet as she was climbing out of Lake Barcroft after a swim. The 83-year-old woman twisted around to see what attacked her and noticed one thing: large, orange teeth.

A 35-pound, 24-inch rabid beaver had bitten her on the back of the leg and would not let go, sparking an ordeal that lasted more than 20 minutes Tuesday evening. The Falls Church woman and a friend battled the animal with canoe paddles, a stick and bare hands as it came at them again and again. Peterson was seriously injured.

Read on, Eager Beaver.

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Bombs Explode In IKEA Stores Across Europe


Photo: Sbotig (CC)

IKEA’s business has been booming. Although no one was significantly injured, this coordinated attack had alarm clocks exploding in three different European countries. Via Reuters:

French, Belgian and Dutch police have launched investigations after minor explosions struck IKEA [IKEA.UL] stores in each country late on Monday in what appears to have been a coordinated attack.

No one was seriously hurt in the blasts at the world’s biggest furniture retailer, although two workers in Belgium suffered minor injuries.

Rigged alarm clocks blew up in IKEA stores in Ghent in Belgium and Lille in France, and there was an explosion in a bin outside the IKEA store in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The alarm clocks were linked to small amounts of gunpowder, and prosecutors said they did not think that the bombers had intended to cause significant injury.

“Federal police with dogs did a sweep of other stores but there was nothing suspect that was found,” An Schoonjans, a Ghent prosecutor, told Reuters.

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