This post originally appeared on HoneyColony. If you’ve vaccinated your child with MMR (an immunization vaccine used against measles, mumps, and rubella), you might not like the latest whistleblower revelations from the Centers for Disease Control and…

Reddit user NoamCosby has an autistic brother who enjoys writing scripts for fake commercials. Afterwards, much to his delight, Noam and his buddies film them. Here’s one of those commercials for “D&D Doings”. In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece of absurdist humor and charming example of the bond between the brothers.

A new theory of relativity — from a twelve-year-old?!? The Daily Mail reports that young Jake Barnett has “embarked on his most ambitious project yet – his own ‘expanded version of Einstein’s theory of relativity'” Here’s a video of the little genius explaining some of the finer points of calculus, with some of the Mail‘s story below: