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Storage Unit Auction Yields Gruesome Collection of Human Organs

Picture: Anthony M. (CC)

Via The Huffington Post:

A storage unit owned by a former Pensacola, FL. medical examiner has been revealed to be a repository of horrors. A man reported horrible smells emanating from the unit after winning its contents during an auction. Further examination revealed a ghoulish collection of human organs in various states of decomposition, all stored in makeshift containers including 32 oz. soda cups and plastic storage containers. The former examiner, Dr. Michael Berkland, was relieved of his official duties in 2003, but had conducted a number of private autopsies during his time in the area. Authorities are unclear who the organs belong to or why they were in the storage unit:

Officials are also trying to locate family members for some of the victims, but many of the organs are not labeled, making it nearly impossible to identify them.

No charges have been filed against Berkland.

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