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Eshu and the Black/Red Hat


GIF: Milos Rajkovic

It appears to me that paranoia is the new-ish flavor of soma frozen yogurt. It seems to me that no matter which eye you focus with, left or right, you gotta swallow that brand of pill. Or maybe that is what they want you believe? Perhaps if we view with both eyes and add a third, some clarity can be gained. Maybe the fear that fuels a brand can be tarred, feathered, and chased out of town. Anyhow, the left/right paradigm and the constant repetition of their Conspiracies have me think of Eshu. Get yourself a hat and read.

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 This is one of the most famous stories about Eshu. I’ll be surprised if, after you’ve read it, you can’t think of at least one instance in which you’ve met this Trickster…

Once there were two men, fine friends who lived in the same village.

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