Bank Of America

Site’ editor’s note: Former Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years this week after being convicted of a wide range of corruption charges, including the allegation that he tried to sell the Senate seat vacated by President Obama.

You won’t see the talking head presttitutes discussing the fact that former Governor Rob Blagojevich was arrested exactly one day after he announced he was “…asking all Illinois government agencies to suspend business with Bank of America”

Here’s Rod Blagojevich uncensored on We Are Change Chicago:

USUncutAt Bank of America’s first Investor Conference in three years (3/8/11), organizers from US Uncut crashed the event to protest corporate tax dodgers and public service cuts. The room was packed with 300 hedge fund managers, institutional investors, & asset managers.

What US Uncut said:

When corporations like Bank of America don’t pay their fair share of taxes, we have to ‘cut’ teachers, firefighters, and public servants. Do you pay your taxes? So do we. Why don’t corporations pay their fair share, just like everyone else? Bank of America is Bad for America. Bank of America pockets Billions in profits and bailouts, but $0 in American taxes — that’s immoral and un-American.

The “UK Uncut” anti-austerity activities have brought British banks and stores to a standstill as activists demand that the beneficiaries of government bailouts pay their share of taxes. The success of the actions has inspired American activists to stage their own “US Uncut” measures with the first, targeting Bank of America, set for February 26, 2011. The organizers are recommending that participants watch the British video on how to do a “Bail-In”:

The group explains why BoA is the first U.S. target:

Despite ruining the economy with their reckless greed, Bank of America has consistently avoided any form of accountability…