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Activists Target Bank of America With Feb 26 ‘US Uncut’ Invasion

The "UK Uncut" anti-austerity activities have brought British banks and stores to a standstill as activists demand that the beneficiaries of government bailouts pay their share of taxes. The success of the actions has inspired American activists to stage their own "US Uncut" measures with the first, targeting Bank of America, set for February 26, 2011. The organizers are recommending that participants watch the British video on how to do a "Bail-In": The group explains why BoA is the first U.S. target:
Despite ruining the economy with their reckless greed, Bank of America has consistently avoided any form of accountability...
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Bank of America Running Scared of WikiLeaks

The power of WikiLeaks remains undiminished in 2011. The New York Times devotes a major story to Bank of America’s desperate attempts to mitigate the carnage expected when (if) WikiLeaks releases details of scandalous, fraudulent activities at the bank:


By the time the conference call ended, it was nearly midnight at Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., but the bank’s counterespionage work was only just beginning.

A day earlier, on Nov. 29, the director of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said in an interview that he intended to “take down” a major American bank and reveal an “ecosystem of corruption” with a cache of data from an executive’s hard drive. With Bank of America’s share price falling on the widely held suspicion that the hard drive was theirs, the executives on the call concluded it was time to take action.

Since then, a team of 15 to 20 top Bank of America officials, led by the chief risk officer, Bruce R.

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Banks Accused of Illegally Breaking Into Homes

Mr. PotterMan, can’t wait for WikiLeaks to release their (alleged) dirt on Bank of America. If that bank does what is reported below, who knows what else the Banksters of America have been involved with. Andrew Martin reports in the NY Times:

TRUCKEE, Calif. — When Mimi Ash arrived at her mountain chalet here for a weekend ski trip, she discovered that someone had broken into the home and changed the locks.

When she finally got into the house, it was empty. All of her possessions were gone: furniture, her son’s ski medals, winter clothes and family photos. Also missing was a wooden box, its top inscribed with the words “Together Forever,” that contained the ashes of her late husband, Robert.

The culprit, Ms. Ash soon learned, was not a burglar but her bank. According to a federal lawsuit filed in October by Ms. Ash, Bank of America had wrongfully foreclosed on her house and thrown out her belongings, without alerting Ms.

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