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Former Narcotics Officer Barry Cooper: We Terrorized Families Over Single Bags of Pot

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You’ll probably recognize Barry Cooper from his “Never Get Busted” videos. He recently appeared on the Huffington Post to discuss his experiences as a narcotics officer and what led him to find a new line of work.

Via HuffPost:

“A couple of times I raided a home and there were two kids in the home, scared, we terrorized the family, and it’s for a bag of pot,” Barry Cooper said Tuesday. “Searching the house, I noticed the kids had straight ‘A’ report cards, the parent’s checkbook was balanced, and I realized that something was amiss, something was really bad.”

“I put it together years later, after I started smoking pot,” he confessed. “You know, a lot of people report that the use of that medication helps a person self-reflect. And, wow, the veil came off and then I started doing the real research for myself instead of believing the propaganda.

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Barry Cooper’s Marijuana Legalization Odyssey

Never Get BustedBarry Cooper, star of the disinformation DVD Never Get Busted Again sent us this message:

The Odessa American just reported on our Hollywood movie deal and the 40 million dollar lawsuit we just filed. The lawsuit and movie are all a part of our vision that we have maintained since releasing Never Get Busted four years ago. Our vision is to release our drug war prisoners and end the arrests of non-violent Americans. There is a real battle for freedom taking place in our case so be sure and blog your comments.

Here’s the Odessa American article:

Barry Cooper’s conversion from dogged narcotics agent to outspoken pot advocate may seem stranger than fiction.

But Cooper’s story — including his no-holds-barred, if sometimes quixotic quest to unearth police corruption in the Lone Star State — could be headed for the big screen.

Given Cooper’s penchant for attention, it’s perhaps no surprise that he announced his newly inked movie deal as something of an aside in a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Austin.

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‘Never Get Busted’ Filmmaker Barry Cooper Arrested for ‘KopBusters’ Reality Show

NGBAKopBusters is a new project from Never Get Busted Again filmmaker and activist Barry Cooper:
[We] were discussing the thousands of citizens who sent emails to NeverGetBusted asking for help regarding krooked kops in their communities. Formerly one of our nation's top drug enforcement officers, [Barry Cooper] has first hand knowledge of the korruption the American Drug War produces. He knew the constant flow of emails complaining of civil rights violations, specifically the 4th Amendment (unreasonable search and seizure), were true.
Barry Cooper says his arrest last week was in retaliation for his "KopBusting" and was politically motivated:
As hard as it was on my family for myself to go to jail ... it's nothing compared to how hundreds of thousands of families feel every year, because of those raids. Other families do not have the resources nor the experience or the knowledge to safely make it through a raid, so when they're raided, they can't and don't and won't fight back. So my family is fighting back for those families. As far as I know, there's no other human or family exposing cop corruption. The proof that cops will retaliate if you expose them, is our arrest and the raid they conducted on my home. For that exact reason, other families just take it. This happened to my family because I caught and filmed one of their officers stealing drug money.
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