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The Neuroscience of Bass: New Study Explains Why Bass Instruments Are Fundamental to Music

A Boy and His Bass 1
A little music and neuroscience for your Saturday, courtesy of Josh Jones at Open Culture:

In most popular music, bass players don’t get nearly enough credit—even when the bass provides a song’s essential hook. As Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones joked at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1995, “thank you to my friends for remembering my phone number.” And yet, writes Tom Barnes at Mic, “there’s scientific proof that bassists are actually one of the most vital members of any band…. It’s time we started treating bassists with the respect they deserve.” Research into the critical importance of low frequency sound explains why bass instruments mostly play rhythm parts and leave the fancy melodic noodling to instruments in the upper range. The phenomenon is not specific to rock, funk, jazz, dance, or hip hop. “Music in diverse cultures is composed this way,” says psychologist Laurel Trainor, director of the McMaster University Institute for Music and the Mind, “from classical East Indian music to Gamelan music of Java and Bali, suggesting an innate origin.”

Trainor and her colleagues have recently published a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggesting that perceptions of time are much more acute at lower registers, while our ability to distinguish changes in pitch gets much better in the upper ranges, which is why, writes Nature, “saxophonists and lead guitarists often have solos at a squealing register,” and why bassists tend to play fewer notes.

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Set Your Good Vibe Blasters on High! Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan Talks Yoga, Meditation, Psychedelics and More on Midwest Real.

Via Midwest Real


Yoga, meditation, float tanks, psychedelics, philosophy, creativity, freedom nuggets and shit on the water slide of life.

Liam Wilson Liam Wilson is best known for playing bass in the spastic, technical, incredible progressive metal mainstay, Dillinger Escape Plan. If you’re a fan of heavy music and you somehow haven’t heard of them over the course of the last 15 or so years, I don’t even know what to say.

For those in the “not so much into metal” camp, fear not! This man is likely the opposite of what comes to mind when you imagine a guy with millions of head bangs under his belt. He’s a voracious reader, a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, a yogi, a psychonaut, a student of many philosophies, and a bunch of other things I can guarantee he’d never be comfortable calling himself.

We spent very little time hovering around the surface in this conversation.… Read the rest

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Marcus Miller: Jazz Legend

No jumping the shark here, but I have a deep and dark confession to make and felt I needed to do this to clear my conscience.  You see, for decades I earned my living as a DJ, and I thought I was good at it, until a few weeks ago.  That’s when I ran into this gentleman.  I had never even heard of Marcus Miller before I stumbled on these videos and I find that almost unforgivable.

Marcus was born in Brooklyn in 1959 and has been playing jazz professionally since he was 15.  He has been featured on over 500 albums by such artists as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Grover Washington Jr. Donald Fagen, LL Cool J, Dr. John, Mariah Carey, Herbie Hancock, and Chaka Khan.  He was also a member of the eighties band Scritti Politti, and in 1997 shared the spotlight with Eric Clapton, and Joe Sample on an 11 stop tour of jazz festivals.… Read the rest

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