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Bath Salts: So 2012!

BlackCatz - Toulouse Game Show - 28 novembre 2010 - P1580033Alex Seitz-Wald asks whatever happened to the imminent Zombie Apocalypse of face-eating bath salt-crazed Americans, at Salon:

For a moment last year, zombies were real. Local newspapers carried alarming headlines about otherwise normal people turned into face-eating cannibalsHulk-like murderous berserkers, and psychotic naked rampagers. It was all thanks to “bath salts,” a new synthetic amphetamine that, despite its innocuous name, scientists said was more potent and addictive than meth. It reached a fever pitch after initial reports suggested a Florida man high on the drug chewed off a homeless man’s face. Experts braced for the apocalypse, local news anchors warned of a craze sweeping the country, and parents cowered in fear as it seemed like anyone’s innocent son or daughter or brother or husband could be the next Mr. Hyde.

And then, all of a sudden … nothing.

A year later, usage has plummeted and the drug that once had a gripping public mythology has almost completely fallen out of the discourse.

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Bath Salts Blamed For Outbreak Of Naked Crimes

What’s saucier than regular crime? Bath salt-fueled nude crime. Some combination of carjacking, biting animals, and ice cream is often involved. PressTV writes:

Addiction specialists suspect that so-called “bath salts” may be playing a part in an outbreak of crimes committed by naked people. After a series of recent crimes in Arizona, police began to see a pattern. Here are some shocking incidents involving naked people where “bath salts” are suspected to play a part:

-June 5: Broward County, Florida woman blocks intersection, exposing her herself

– June 12: Naked woman from Munnsville, New York punches kids and strangles dog.

– June 14: Half-naked Georgia man threatens to eat police at golf driving range.

– June 15: Texas woman crashes car, strips and eats ice cream in Houston.

– June 16: Naked Illinois man surfs on car hood.

– June 17: Naked woman fights with hospital staff in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

– June 20: Miami man breaks into house, strips naked, throws furniture and bites man.

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Bath Salts Confessional

Photo: sburke2478 (CC)

Natasha Vargas-Cooper reaches deep into “the heart America’s new drug nightmare” (which is, ahem, bath salts), for SPIN:

COLUMBUS, OH— On an unseasonably hot and muggy May afternoon, a squad of armed agents from the Franklin County Drug Task Force — some wearing street clothes, some wearing menacing ski masks — swarms into a storefront aptly named the Joint. Sandwiched between a liquor store and a sex shop, and adjacent to the Ohio State University campus, the Joint is one of 18 different head shops, gas stations, carryout restaurants, and mini-marts being searched this day by seven task force teams consisting of several dozen officers from numerous local police departments and prosecutors’ offices, all spearheaded by the County Sheriff here in the state capital.

Make no mistake: This is no ordinary pot bust. The raids are part of the ongoing Operation Synthetic Drugs, a highly coordinated and choreographed sweep through central Ohio.

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Designer Drugs, The Zombie Apocalypse and You

Rusty Shackleford from Modern Mythology brings us a different take on the zombie and bath salts business:

Some of you may remember a piece written by myself, no less than a half a year ago, on the potential of chemicals included in head shop designer drugs to chemically lobotomize the user and to effectively dissociate the hind brain from the frontal portions of the brain. The drug would then essentially paralyze the frontal portions of the brain, leaving a human being concerned with only the most rudimentary functions of the limbic brain: fucking, eating, and killing.

Welcome to 2012: The only difference is that at the time, we postulated that such an effect could be achieved through chemicals sprayed upon “spice” packets sold in headshops containing active agent JWH-018 which is, in and of itself, a fairly unknown quantity. Since then, I have watched with a growing interest as report after report published on the internet, major news networks, blogs and newspaper articles have hit with new details on “zombie cannibalism attacks” generated by “abuse of bath salts, superacid, etc” depending upon whom you ask.… Read the rest

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Florida’s ‘Zombie’ Attack Now Being Blamed on Bath Salts

MDPVAn update to this story, the media loves finding a drug-related culprit, doesn't it? Via the Daily Beast:
At Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where the victim of Saturday’s causeway attack is being treated, staff also report that they are coming face to face with cases of drug-related psychosis on an increasing scale—be they from bath salts, other designer drugs such as GHB and LSD, or cocktails thereof. “They don’t all have these outcomes, but all have one thing in common, which is excited delirium and super strength,” said Dr. Paul Adams, an emergency room physician at the hospital, who said that in one instance a 150-pound patient took on the strength of a 250-pound hulk. “You combine bath salts, GHB, LSD or whatever and these people become uncontrollable, you can’t reason with them,” he said. “To place someone safely in restraints, it’s taken seven security guards and one doctor.”...
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West Virginia Man High On Bath Salts Kills Neighbor’s Goat

Mark ThompsonSome of you may recall our previous report on “Taking A Bath” with the bath salts “craze.” Well, they’re at it again. There’s really nothing to add to this story, it kind of sells itself. From the Charlston Gazette:

CHARLESTON, W.Va.— Police say an Alum Creek man high on bath salts killed his neighbor’s pygmy goat and that neighbors found him in his bedroom, dressed in a bra and panties, next to the dead animal, said Lt. Bryan Stover of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

Mark Thompson, 19, of Greenview Road, is charged with animal cruelty after police got a call from a woman who said he stole her goat at about 3:15 a.m. Monday, Stover said.

Thompson allegedly told police he was on bath salts for about three days.

When police entered the house they found fresh blood near the front door of the bedroom and in Thompson’s bedroom to the right of the front door.

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Bath Salts Drug Craze: Anyone Want To “Take A Bath”?

BAFF SALTZ Via Hipster Runoff:
When Neil Brown got high on bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven't been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Snow, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky.
Bathe in them, feed your plants with them, wave a machete or cut your face off on them! Or, better yet: don't. I don't know how many remember the invented jenkem craze, but this is a bit different. I had a "writer" write How To Be A Bi-Winner (article) as part of a "Journo-Scientilific" Gonzomentary study of the effects of these drugs on his nervous system. Clearly, it was not pretty. But with names like "WHITE LIGHTNING," who wouldn't want to inject these bath salts into their eyeball?
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