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Nuclear Testing Continues at the Bay Area’s Lawrence Livermore Lab

Via Media Roots:

If you think nuclear testing is now only done on computers, think again. Abby and Robbie Martin grew up in Pleasanton, CA, a city located ten miles from the Lawrence Livermore Lab (LLL), a secret nuclear weapons production facility. They initially set out to explore the psychological impacts of taking nuclear testing into virtual space. But as their investigation unfolded, they found that the LLL—in conjunction with Site 300—has built an impressive greenwashing PR campaign cloaking a dark reality.

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Media Roots TV: Is Obama’s Support Warranted? (Video)

Obama: Change We Can Believe In?Via Media Roots:

The Obama campaign mobilized one of the largest grassroots movements for a presidential candidate in recent history, and the SF bay area was a hub of support for Obama during election time.

Now two years into his presidency, Media Roots set out to see if people are tuned into their favorite candidate’s actions — and if his actions warrant their support.

Media Roots conducts on the spot interviews with people in Berkeley and Oakland, CA about their support for President Barack Obama.

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National Anarchists at Folsom Street Fair

From Nick Pell at Red Star Times

I was contacted this morning by Bay Area National Anarchists founder Andrew Yeoman. He felt that I had unfairly maligned his group in my recent article on radical traditionalist website Alternative Right. I don’t really want to get into the specifics of our exchange, however, I would now like to present the videos I referenced (but did not post) in my previous article. The event they are protesting is the Folsom Street Fair, which is a leather / BDSM event, not explicitly a gay pride event.

I stand by my claim that harassment takes place on these videos and that the demonstration attempts to target homosexuals. Indeed, Folsom Street Fair is largely (if not predominantly) an event for the gay leather / BDSM community.… Read the rest

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Right-Wing Blog Watch: Alternative Right

From Nick Pell at Red Star Times

Welcome to a new feature on Red Star Times, right-wing blog watch. I am introducing this feature for the sake of keeping a close eye on right-wing blogs, ranging from hardline conservative to outright fascist. My first subject of study is Alternative Right, a particularly noxious website that brands itself as “radical traditionalist.” For those who aren’t familiar with the term, radical traditionalist is a term used by hipsters, goths and faux-erudite who espouse fascist ideology but want a term with more intellectual cache.

Radical traditionalist favorites include Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola and Alain de Benoist. Associated (allegedly) political movements include Eurasianism, metapolitics, third positionism and national anarchism. Alternative right is an exemplar of radical traditionalism and fascism in as much as it begins with hatred of minorities, women and the working class and proceeds to construct a bizarre mish-mash of gobbledygook as “ideology” after the fact.… Read the rest

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