New religious/internet icon Sad Stingray Jesus spotted in South Carolina. Via Charleston’s Post and Courier: It’s not as famous as Grilled Cheesus or Nun Bun, but the image a James Island woman…

legoman930Wired writes that for the third time in recent years, a gigantic Lego figure has washed ashore on a coastline in the Northern Hemisphere. Artist is unknown. Below, video of a similar occurrence in Holland. Damn you, Lego man, for making me confront my own emptiness!

A larger-than-life Lego man bearing the cryptic phrase “no real than you are” has washed ashore on the Florida coast. Beachcombers in Siesta Key found the roughly 8-foot-tall Lego man just before dawn Tuesday. The figure had “Ego Leonard” and the number 8 on its back.

In 2007, an almost-identical creation was found in the Netherlands. Another turned up in England the next year.