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Why Beatrix Potter Would Love The Kindle

Kindle 2. Photo: Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis (CC)

Kindle 2. Photo: Jon 'ShakataGaNai' Davis (CC)

Here’s an interesting blog post about why Beatrix Potter “would love the Kindle”. In 1906 she’d actually tried creating her own, new non-book format for delivering her famous fairy tales.

“Intended for babies and tots, the story was originally published on a strip of paper that was folded into a wallet, closed with a flap, and tied with a ribbon. The format was unpopular with booksellers and within a few years of the book’s release it was reprinted in the standard small book format of the Peter Rabbit library…”

This article includes a link to actual images from one of Potter’s strange wallet-sized stories – “The Story of A Fierce, Bad Rabbit” – plus an image showing you exactly what Beatrix Potter thinks “a fierce, bad rabbit” would look like! And there’s also a celebration of the fact that there’s now finally illustrated versions for the Kindle of both Beatrix Potter’s stories and A.… Read the rest

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