Writing for Wired, Jonah Lehrer suggests that beauty is a form of curiosity that exists in response to sensation: But why does beauty exist? What’s the point of marveling at a Rembrandt…

Seeking to see other millennia when you look in the mirror? Janet Stephens is a master of what she calls forensic hairdressing — shown via a series of YouTube videos, she ingeniously recreates elaborate coiffure from ancient history, including the style of Roman empress Julia Domna, the Flavian-Trajanic “circle of hair”, and the complex braiding of the priestesses known as the Vestal Virgins:

Historical hairdressing tutorials based on archaeological research and primary sources.

Is being hideous a disability? Severe unattractiveness may be the final frontier in regards to discrimination based on physical characteristics. In the New York Times, economist Daniel S. Hamermesh makes the case…

15With the aim of highlighting the “cosmetic overkill” prevalent in modern life, directors Lernert & Sander applied the quantity of makeup typically worn over the course of a year, 365 layers, onto a model in a single day.

(Surely she will be 365 times as beautiful?) The results of the experiment are fairly unsettling.