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The Musical Side of Chat Roulette

Photo: Chat Roulette frame from concert at Fillmore

Photo: Chat Roulette still frame from The Fillmore

Chat Roulette has had a growing success since the beginning of the year. Chat Roulette pairs users with random video chatters from around the world.

The video chat site has revealed its “dark side” with a plethora of naked men exhibiting themselves every fourteen pairings or so. But since the site’s creation in January the public have found more intriguing uses, such as practicing different languages or using it as a performance space.

After being compared to Merton, a Chat Roulette user, who would wait on the site to improve songs about the people he was paired with, Ben Folds signed on to Chat Roulette during his concerts at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Projecting the website on a large screen behind him for the audience to see, Ben Folds creates songs on his piano for each person he connects with.… Read the rest

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