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No More Ben & Cherry’s

Not so counterculture after all, are they? (Ben and Jerry actually sold out to corporate food producer Unilever years ago). Tiffany Hsu reports for the LA Times:

The pornographic exploits of “Ben & Cherry” in titles such as “Boston Cream Thighs,” “Peanut Butter D-Cups” and “Chocolate Fudge Babes” will temporarily simmer down following a court order won by similarly named ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s.

The Vermont company, known for frozen treats such as Boston Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Cups and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, sued Caballero Video this week and persuaded a federal judge in Manhattan to block the porn producer from marketing or selling Ben & Jerry-esque titles for now.

This, of course, is the same sweets company that offers flavors such as Cherry Garcia, Imagine Whirled Peace, Phish Food and more word and name-play options. And we’d be remiss if we forgot Ben & Jerry’s saucier choices, such as Karamel Sutra and Schweddy Balls.

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Ben & Jerrys Is Not ‘All Natural’

I recently crossed Häagen-Dazs off my list of favorite ice creams due to its use of rBGH milk. In this disinfo story we quoted author John Robbins:

Ben & Jerry’s gets all their milk from dairies that have pledged not to inject their cows with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH). Why, then, can’t Haagen Dazs, Breyers and Baskin-Robbins do the same?

OK, so there was still Ben & Jerry’s which is fairly easy to find, at least where I live. But wait, now it turns out that some of their ice cream isn’t natural after all! Story from NPR:

Indie ice cream pioneer Ben & Jerry’s will be dropping the phrase “All Natural” from some of its ice cream and frozen yogurt cartons, it announced today.


The flavors containing alkalized cocoa, corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil particularly irked the folks over at the Center for the Science in the Public Interest, who had asked the company to stop using “all natural” claims last month in a letter to parent company Unilever.

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