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Fed’s 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake



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Having been challenged to provide “just one” example of where Agenda 21 has been utilized as a means to violate the property rights of a sovereign land owner, I wanted to call attention to the following article featuring the attestation from one such individual and his neighbors, giving testimonial here as to their personal experience with Agenda 21 styled politburos.

 “Freedom is in our DNA,” Johnson said. “It’s in our souls, it is our God-given right, and people want it. And I think you can squash it. I think you can run code enforcement all over it, you can intimidate it with guns and badges, you can call their property ‘habitat’, you can do all those things but at the end of the day, freedom is going to well up. And it’s welling up now. This is, after 20 years, finally our moment.”

The issue of federal agencies seizing public and private land is gaining more national attention, largely due to media coverage of the Bundy Ranch conflict with the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada.

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