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Killer Mike Introduces Bernie Sanders at Atlanta Rally

If you don’t feel the Bern after watching this rousing speech, you might wanna check for a pulse!

While introducing Bernie Sanders at a rally in Atlanta on November 21st, Killer Mike called upon the spirit of Martin King the Revolutionary while discussing healthcare as a right of every citizen, raising the minimum wage, restoring the Voting Rights Act, ending the war on drugs, and insuring free education as a right for all.

He also calls Hillary “our own Margaret Thatcher.” — HA! 

Bernie/Killer Mike 2016

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CBS DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Foreign Policy Suddenly Got A Lot More Important

I won’t lie, I had totally forgotten there was going to be a Democratic debate on Saturday.  In my mind, the biggest story of the weekend would be Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey being fed a new victim at UFC 193 and I was looking forward to a first-round victory via manslaughter.  That never happened, which came as a complete and utter shock to me and everyone else in the world with the possible exception of Holly Holm, who as the world’s best female boxer likely realized long before the rest of us that even a monster is vulnerable to being punched in the fucking face two-dozen times.  Shoulda touched those gloves, Ronda!

But Holm sending Rousey to the hospital to have her lip stitched back together obviously wasn’t the biggest news of the weekend, and neither was the CBS Democratic Debate.  It was Friday night when I first started hearing about trouble in Paris; a friend living there suddenly “checked in as safe” via Facebook and before I knew it I was seeing reports of a terror attack that left over a hundred dead, a number that seemed impossibly high (but later proved, sadly, to be true).Read the rest

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I Am Outraged

By Col. Bernie Sanders

I had been feeling great joy since in the last couple of weeks since I’ve been able to evolve from a mere twitter feed to actual human form, thanks to the Halloween holiday that has just passed and commemorated martyrs and others among the faithfully departed.

Photo: Phil Roeder (CC)

Photo: Phil Roeder (CC)


However, upon seeing some recent news, I must say both parts of my self are equally enraged. USA Today reports: “The 100 largest U.S. CEO retirement packages are worth a combined $4.9 billion, equal to the entire retirement account savings of 41 percent of American families, according to the report by the Center for Effective Government and the Institute for Policy Studies watchdog groups.”

Isn’t that just appalling?

But the kicker is this, the executive with the most extravagant plan is the head of Yum Brands, the corporation that now owns KFC, the company I founded decades ago. … Read the rest

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Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: The Empire’s Election Extravaganza

In this episode of teleSUR’s The Empire Files, Abby Martin interviews world-renowned philosopher and linguist Professor Noam Chomsky. Prof. Chomsky comments on the presidential primary “extravaganza,” the movement for Bernie Sanders, the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, modern-day libertarianism and the reality of “democracy” under capitalism.

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Bernie’s Conspiracy Theory

Here’s one of those mainstream media pieces (from Politico) that uses the term “conspiracy theorist” to besmirch a politician who threatens the establishment:

Bernie Sanders is the most prominent conspiracy theorist in America.

Bernie Sanders. Photo: Jonathunder (CC)

Bernie Sanders. Photo: Jonathunder (CC)


He runs around the country alleging that the economy is “rigged” — a term borrowed from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — by what he calls “the billionaire class.”

Sanders doesn’t mean this metaphorically. It’s not a poetic exaggeration. He’s dead serious. As he put it in his speech at Liberty University a couple of months ago, our economy is “designed by the wealthiest people in this country to benefit the wealthiest people in this country at the expense of everybody else.”

Designed. Per Sanders, the wealthy have built and maintained a self-serving system of income inequality at the cost of the 99 percent. As he has put it: “This is a rigged economy — heads they win, tails you lose.”

The Sanders view has all the hallmarks of a good conspiracy theory.

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New Proof The Media Is Lying To You About Hillary’s Campaign

The Democratic presidential debate happened and, based on poll numbers, Bernie Sanders won the debate. According to CNN, Hillary won the debate. This may be confusing, considering every poll after the debate gave concrete numbers showing Bernie’s victory. But when it comes to the media, numbers don’t matter – when you can report revisionist history.

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Larry David as Bernie Sanders on ‘SNL’ started a giant conspiracy theory

It’s not what we at disinformation would classically call a conspiracy theory, but it was some funny television and tweeting. USA Today brings you the Larry David is Bernie Sanders conspiracy:

Just think — you have never seen Larry David and Bernie Sanders in the same room at once.

But yes, Larry David WAS Bernie Sanders in the cold open for the show — which had Kate McKinnon absolutely slaying as Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin menacing about as Jim Webb.

It was probably one of the best political cold opens on Saturday Night Live in a while, with golden lines like, “I think you’re really gonna like the Hillary Clinton my team and I have created for this debate,” from McKinnon, whose Hillary just becomes more and more hilariously unhinged.

But no one launched more conspiracy theories than Larry David’s impression of Bernie Sanders. Probably because they are the same person…

[continues at USA Today]

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Who Really Won The Democratic Debate? It’s Complicated (Duh)

Pop quiz: who is Frank Luntz?  If you answered “someone who answered most of his phone calls in November of 2012 by first taking the gun out of his mouth,” you get half a point.  If you answered “someone sloppily sculpted from a wad of dough,” I’ll give you three points for being unnecessarily mean. But if you answered “one of several GOP pollsters responsible for the warped view of reality under which the 2012 Romney campaign was operating for the last legs of the 2012 presidential race,” then congratulations, you win! You’re a politics nerd! Either that or you’re actually Frank Luntz, in which case you should just navigate away from this page now because some people have already started drinking and they’re only gonna get meaner.


I mention Frank Luntz because he’s the guy who ran the Fox News focus group that examined the recent Democratic Party debate. This focus group came to the conclusion that, contrary to what the overwhelming majority of popular pundits reported, Bernie Sanders came out victorious over Party favorite Hillary Clinton.Read the rest

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Is Bernie Sanders Delaying the Revolution?

Bernie Sanders - Portrait
Johannes Miquel, a 19th-century socialist, was with a friend when they were approached by a beggar. The friend reached into his pocket to money the beggar up, but Miquel stopped him, exclaiming: ”Don’t delay the Revolution!” Many think our problems are caused by capitalism and the only way things will change is through revolution and that that revolution is delayed by charity and by reforms.

This essay in Jacobin magazine says:

But in running for the Democratic presidential nomination as an outsider with almost no chance of winning, Sanders isn’t very “bold.” His offers no more hope than the fizzled presidential campaigns of Dennis Kucinich. And by steering liberal and left supporters into a Democratic Party whose policies and politics he claims to disagree with, Sanders — no matter how critical he might be of Hillary Clinton — is acting as the opposite of an “alternative.”

Based on his experience as Kucinich’s former press secretary, David Swanson has drawn the conclusion that the Left should not support Sanders.

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