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Bill Hicks: Censored!

bill-hicksIn October of 1993, Bill Hicks made his last appearance on Late Night with David Letterman…sort of. In October of 2010, Hicks is funnier than ever.

Hicks was a favorite comedian on Letterman’s old Late Night show and the television venue was Hicks’ most consistent national audience. After a routine taping, Hicks left New York expecting to see himself on television that night. He didn’t. Letterman decided to censor Hicks, pulling the performance. The decision was made all the more tragic by Hicks’ untimely death in February, 1994.

In 2009, Letterman showed a lot of class by inviting Hicks’ mother to his new show, taking responsibility for the censorship and apologizing to her and his audience for his decision. He then aired Hicks’ censored performance for the first time.

Hicks has said that the performance had been pulled because he made fun of Pro-Life groups who supported the show. Letterman doesn’t get specific, but what is amazing about the content is that – despite the dated references – the power of the man’s imagery and delivery remains undiminished more than a decade later.… Read the rest

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Sex Magick Revisited

Magic will work. The problem is when we try to explain ‘the how’ the conversation inevitably devolves into new-age idealism… and we’re too cool for that, right? Fortunately for us, Bill Hicks and TOOL puts it all on the line with a no-nonsense, detached and decidedly non-romanticized account for all paranormal phenomenon. As if we are listening to a newscast we are informed…

“All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one Consciousness experiencing itself. Life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

If we accept this as reality, then magic is not only possible, but inevitable.

Now the goal of sex magic revisited is not mere wish-fullfillment. No. The goal of this technique brings us back to the reason magic allegedly works in the first place, that is; to close the illusionary gap of separation between all forms of Consciousness a.k.a.… Read the rest

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EXHIBIT A: Denis Leary Vs. Bill Hicks

Andy Gately from Austin Underground submitted this lead to us:
"Did comedian Denis Leary steal fellow comic Bill Hicks' stand-up act and persona? You be the judge. This is the definitive, side by side comparison of the two artists, with all the similar material in question: EXHIBIT A: Leary Vs. Hicks is an experimental documentary about the potential for artistic theft in the world of stand-up comedy, and the allegation that performer Denis Leary lifted much of his persona and act from fellow comedian Hicks. Culled from hours of archive footage and presented here for the first time, the similarities in question are shown back-to-back, allowing viewers to decide for themselves. The film premiered at the Austin Underground Film Festival, in the town Bill Hicks called home.
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