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Ray Kurzweil on U.S. Counter-Bioterrorism

This article appears in the new Winter edition of H+ magazine:

In a new interview, Ray Kurzweil reveals that he’s working with the U.S. to develop a rapid-response system for bioterrorist attacks. “It took us five years to sequence HIV; we can sequence a virus now in one day. And we could, in a matter of days, create an RNA interference medication based on sequencing a new biological virus.

“This is something we created to contend with software viruses. And we have a technological immune system that works quite well….”

And he also has an interesting perspective on the media. “I do think decentralized communication actually helps reduce violence in the world. It may not seem that way because you just turn on CNN and you‘ve got lots of violence right in your living room. But that kind of visibility actually helps us to solve problems.”

Kurzweil pioneered scanners, speech recognition, and synthesizers, and Inc.

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U.S. Government Refuses Biological Weapons Inspections

Mark Landler reports on the U.S. Government’s continuing to defy the rest of the world by refusing to allow biological weapons checks. What’s up with that? In the New York Times:

The Obama administration plans to announce a new policy on Wednesday to curb the spread of biological weapons, but it will reaffirm the Bush administration’s opposition to an international regimen for verifying stockpiles of anthrax, smallpox and other agents.

The policy, to be disclosed in a speech in Geneva by the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, Ellen O. Tauscher, will focus on increasing health security to reduce the impact of outbreaks of infectious disease, whether natural or man-made, administration officials said Tuesday.

The United States, these officials said, will pledge to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention, a 1975 treaty barring the development, production and stockpiling of biological and toxin weapons.

But Ms. Tauscher will declare that the Obama administration does not support efforts to create a mechanism for monitoring compliance with the treaty because, a senior administration official said, supplies of biological weapons are “too difficult to verify.” …

[continues in the New York Times]

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