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Perceive this: The human brain controls alpha-band oscillation phase to effect temporal predictions

Fig. 3. Spatial and frequency specificity of the alpha-band signal. (A) Scalp topography of absolute alpha power 400 ms before target onset, with electrode Pz indicated. (B) FFT of the pretarget data, indicating a peak in power at 10.6 Hz. Credit: Samaha J et al. (2015) Top-down control of the phase of alpha-band oscillations as a mechanism for temporal prediction. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112(27):8439-8444.

Fig. 3. Spatial and frequency specificity of the alpha-band signal. (A) Scalp topography of absolute alpha power 400 ms before target onset, with electrode Pz indicated. (B) FFT of the pretarget data, indicating a peak in power at 10.6 Hz. Credit: Samaha J et al. (2015) Top-down control of the phase of alpha-band oscillations as a mechanism for temporal prediction. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112(27):8439-8444.

Stuart Mason Dambrot via Medical Express:

Standard models of perception are stimulus-driven, meaning that the external perceptual event drives the brain’s perception-related activity. However, the tide may be turning: recent ideas suggest that our perceptual experiences and visually guided behaviors are influenced by top-down processes in the brain – specifically, the brain’s predictions about the external world. Recently, scientists at University of Wisconsin–Madison demonstrated that perceptual expectations about when a stimulus will appear are instantiated in the brain by optimally configuring prestimulus alpha-band oscillations in order to optimize the effectiveness of subsequent neural processing.

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iSperm: Check Your Sperm on Your iPad

screenshot9 Taiwanese start-up, Aidmics, has created a sperm counting gadget that connects to an iPad. It was originally created to help farmers manage their livestock, but the company is hoping to expand its use to men. The device isn't the first at-home fertility tester, but it does offer live visuals of the sperm. Aidmics founder Agean Lin told Reuters that he hopes to price the device between $100 – $200. Personally, I think they should look into expanding beyond the iPad to regular ol' smart phones.
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The Process Church of the Final Judgment Lives On


A church that, in theory, worships Jesus and Satan equally, was tied to Charles Manson, and has a symbol that looks more than a tad bit like a swastika is bound to get a little attention. And it did.

In 1963, Robert DeGrimston Moore and Mary Ann MacLean met at the L Ron Hubbard Institute of Scientology in England. The two were not the follower types and it wasn’t long before they created their own school of thought. At the beginning they were influenced by Alfred Adler, a Freudian who had broken away to develop his own ideas. Adler believed that people were driven by what he called ‘secret goals,’ hidden agendas that gave rise to compulsions and neuroses. The idea was to discover these goals and make them conscious. DeGrimston and MacLean created a new system called Compulsions Analysis.

Soon they had followers, some of whom had sizable bank accounts.… Read the rest

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Take Me To Your… Gold… Bridge!

Random Thought: There are two kinds of people in this world; The kind that go, and the kind that don’t go. If you go; ok. If you don’t… I will.

gold bridge copy


I’m meandering half-awake through the Citizen’s Cab lot.

As I head towards the bullet-proof glass to retrieve 137’s key and medallion – and maybe throw Kojak a $5 bribe for an airport, I take note of a newish Escape – 203, sporting a newly smashed-up front end. Poor night driver. Wonder what the story is on that.

And I do not see 137. Damn.

This is not good.

I address Kojak at the window, “What happened to 203?”

Kojak, “It was wrecked last night.”

Sack, “I don’t see 137 in the lot…”

Kojak, “It’s shopped. Got wrecked yesterday.”

Huh?? That’s my regular Prius!

So, ‘ol Koj throws me 2402, a Prius spare. It’s a spare I’ve driven before, one that smells like meth, B.O.

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Death By Sex With Horses

Squeezyboy (CC BY 2.0)

Squeezyboy (CC BY 2.0)

Leave it to the authors at Vice to examine something as bizarre as death by sex with a horse. Zach Sokol recounts the tragic death of Kenneth Pinyan, who was “pronounced dead due to ‘acute peritonitis [that resulted from the] perforation of the sigmoid colon during anal intercourse with a horse.'”

Back in 2007, the documentary, Zoo, documented the world of zoophilia. But, instead of portraying zoophiliacs as deeply disturbed perverts, the filmmakers present “the ‘zoos’ as tragic and lonely human beings.”

In the following Vice article, Sokol catches up with one of Zoo’s writers, Charles Mudede:

VICE: Were you aware that it was the ten-year anniversary of Mr. Hands’s death the other day?

Charles Mudede: Yes, I’m actually in Enumclaw, Washington, right now to take photos and see if anything interesting is going on. The town got rid of the sign on the farm where it happened—that was the only act of erasure that I noticed.

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Serial Killer Quote of the Day


In the new book Serial Killer Quote of the Day, you can check out for yourself how a serial killer’s mind works. You will hear them, in their own words, describe their actions. And you will learn how to kill someone without remorse, and even with a sense of fun and enjoyment.

Over the past five years, johnny trevisani (no caps, by the way – all lowercase), has compiled the most extensive collection of serial killer quotes, certainly on the web, and probably on Earth.  It offers a bizarre and disturbing glimpse into the warped minds of people who kill, and kill, and kill again. Check out SKQOTD on his website and on Facebook.

SKQOTD, the book, offers a year’s worth of psychotic ramblings, lame justifications, and blow-by-blow descriptions of terrible crimes and the worst behavior of which humans are capable.

I asked trevisani why he started doing something so odd.… Read the rest

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Catching Up With the Manson Family

Recently I came across a letter that Charlie Manson had written from prison. The story of how this happened is a good one, but would best be told in private. In a moment of weakness, or brilliance, depending on your point of view, I traded it for two ounces of weed. This relative good fortune put Manson back in my consciousness and led me to buy Jeff Guin’s fabulous book on Manson, which in turn made me wonder, “Just where are all these freaks now?”

It has been 45 years or so since this little, opportunistic sociopath charmed and bedeviled a cadre of followers into doing some really bad things. Here is what they are up to today.

Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 10.30.22 AM

Charles Manson

Who: Awesome cult leader, mediocre musician, convicted of arranging 7 murders.

Where he is now: Just doing his thing in Corcoran State prison. “We are all our own prisons, we are all our own wardens and we do our own time.… Read the rest

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Google DeepDream’s Nightmare Psychedelia

The internet is abuzz with wonder and perverse glee because the Mad Scientists responsible for Google Image’s AI have released the hounds a set of tools that let the average Joe and Jane see how Google Images “sees” the world (just don’t ask it about Gorillas. Trust me).

It’s a darkly trippy thing indeed: one part Naked Lunch, a dash of Cthulhu Mythos, a hint of Hieronymus Bosch and a sprig of HR Giger for flavor. And dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

Puts the "monster" in Flying Spaghetti Monster

Puts the “monster” in Flying Spaghetti Monster

It’s called DeepDream and reddit gives us the skinny:

Deep Learning is a new field within Machine Learning. In the past 4 years researchers have been training neural networks with a very large number of layers. Algorithms are learning how to classify images to a much greater accuracy than before: you can give them an image of a cat or a dog and they will be able to tell the difference.

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Zen Nails & Waxing


Devoted Passengers,

Your driver would like to take a “detour” this week, if you will… Many a fare has asked, so please indulge as I explain the “non” part of “non-practicing Buddhist” from my author’s tag line…

I’m rolling the streets of ‘ol San Francisco in Citizen’s Cab #137 on yet another absolutely beautiful, clear, drought-ridden day. I’m rounding the left north onto Fillmore in the Lower Haight, fareless, when I spot an older woman up the block vehemently trying the capture the attention of an empty Yellow coming down the hill. She’s waving her arms all frantically at him on the sidewalk from the wrong side of a hedge of parked cars. His top light is lit, indicating that he is ‘Available’. But, Yellow does not see.

Well, “one man gathers what another man spills”.

I zoom up the block tapping my horn to gain the lady’s attention.

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