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‘Operation Christmas’: Colombian Army Installs Giant Christmas Tree in Rebel-Held Territory (Video)

Operation ChristmasThe BBC reports:
The Colombian army says it has installed a giant Christmas tree in Farc rebel territory, to encourage guerrilla fighters to demobilize. Special forces infiltrated the remote Macarena mountain range to dress a 25m (82 ft) high tree with 2,000 lights. Movement sensors will make the tree light up when guerrillas approach. The army says it will put up trees in nine other rebel-held zones to spread the message that Christmas is a good time to abandon armed struggle. The Colombian government says more than 2,000 guerrillas demobilized this year under a scheme that gives them amnesty and help to return to civilian life. "Operation Christmas," as it was code named, was carried out by elite troops using Blackhawk helicopters.
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Israeli “Nationals” Detained Approaching National Guard Blackhawk – & No Coverage from ABCNNBBCBS?

Israeli "Nationals" Detained Approaching National Guard Blackhawk

Israeli "Nationals" Detained Approaching National Guard Blackhawk

On October 19, three Israelis start acting suspicious near a Blackhawk Helicopter in Groton, Connecticut, which is also home to a U.S. Navy Submarine facility. And nobody at ABCNNBBCBS reports the story?

Imagine if three Arab men were arrested in a restricted zone near a National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter! The corporate media would blast their pictures across the world and claim that they were terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

[Media’s name “Nationals” = Mossad/IDF/Shin Bet…]

From WTNH.com:

“Groton, Conn. – Three Israeli nationals who got a little too close to a military helicopter at Groton-New London Airport are being questioned by police.

The incident happened Tuesday morning around 8:20.

The men told police that they wanted to get a closer look at the Black Hawk helicopter, which was in an area of their Cessna and not cordoned off. Officers from the National Guard stopped the men when they approached the Black Hawk and detained them for further questioning.

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