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Would You Stab Yourself To Get Out of Work?

It might seem extreme, but if you really hate your job… As reported by the local Fox TV station in Denver:

EDGEWATER, Colo. – Some might call in sick. Others might claim their car broke down. But a Denver man is facing charges for allegedly stabbing himself because he didn’t want to go to work.

Officers were called to the scene Monday night after 27-year-old Aaron Siebers showed up to work at a Sheridan Blockbuster video store with a stab wound to his leg and cuts on his face and stomach. He told investigators that three men dressed in black tried to rob him, then attacked him.

“We had 5 police departments and a sheriff’s office out there with K-9 units, officers searching alleys, rooftops, going neighborhood by neighborhood looking for assault suspects,” said Steve Davis the Edgewater Public Information Officer.

But Davis says Sieber’s story quickly fell apart.

Officers say they couldn’t find any evidence of an attack, and when they checked surveillance tape they didn’t see an attack.

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