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Spiritual Seeker’s Quest, From Blondie to Swedenborg

Gary Lachman. Photo: Ruth Jones

Gary Lachman. Photo: Ruth Jones

Gary Lachman, author of the disinformation classic Turn Off Your Mind, is profiled by Mark Oppenheimer in the New York Times:

One day, when he was 13 years old and growing up in Bayonne, N.J. — “the backside of the Statue of Liberty,” he now calls it — Gary Lachman decided that he had had enough of Catholicism.

“I remember upping and walking out of church one Sunday,” says Mr. Lachman, who later achieved fame as the bassist for the New Wave band Blondie. “I just didn’t believe in this anymore. Since then I haven’t practiced anything like that at all. I wonder if I’d still even be considered a lapsed Catholic.”

But that was less the end of spirituality for Mr. Lachman than the beginning. Like so many Americans who came of age since the 1960s, Mr. Lachman found that his metaphysical search took place not in houses of worship, but in books.

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