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The Church of the SubGenius Is Still Preaching Slack


J. R. “Bob” Dobbs™

At a certain point in American history, if you smoked weed and skateboarded, you probably were approached by representatives of a religious group, or cult, led by “Bob” Dobbs.

While the Church of the SubGenius is not as visible as it used to be, it is still out there, preaching Slack to whoever wants to listen.

I recently spoke with Rev. Ivan Stang about how in the year 2015, Slack is something that we all need more than ever.

Rev. Stang thank you very much for talking with me. If you don’t mind, tell me a little about what you guys believe and how the Church of the SubGenius started.

We were in Dallas, trapped — hemmed in — surrounded on all sides by Christians, New Agers, UFO contactees, conspiracy theorists, condo builders, all telling us we were bound for Hell,when obviously we were already there.… Read the rest

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Who Is That Guy Smoking The Pipe?

dobbsWho is that guy smoking the pipe?

That is “Bob,” and he is the world’s greatest salesman. His greatest product is a religion called the Church of the SubGenius, and it preaches the power of Slack. The Subgeniuses  insist Slack is the ultimate mystery, but for all intents and purposes Slack is doing your own thing the way you want to. The reason Slack seems so mysterious is because the day you are born you are placed in a system that tries to replace your instincts with its idea of ideal behavior, so-called normality.

But of course there is no such thing as normality — it’s just this monster lie we invented which is now slowly driving us insane because we can never live up to it. So the church touts the value of abnormality as the means to salvation, but that’s just a more subversive way of saying ‘know thyself’ & ‘discover your true will.’ They also say Slack is something for nothing.… Read the rest

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Is The Church Of The Subgenius A UFO Cult?

dobbsI never thought of Bob Dobbs’ Church Of The Subgenius as a UFO Cult, but that’s how it’s described in this news wire release:

CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash) — A Cleveland-based UFO cult claims Doomsday is finally coming after years of false alarms.

The Church of the Subgenius is a satirical “church” supposedly founded by a man named J.R. “Bob” Dobbs in 1953. Today, Rev. Ivan Stang runs the parody cult, which has thousands of members who pay $30 to get in and receive “important-looking documents filled with made-up words.”

On July 5, Subgenius will host “X-Day” in New York, a bizarre ceremony to celebrate the end
of the world. Each year, they predict that Armageddon will come on July 5 and members will be saved by flying saucers carrying “alien sex goddesses.” These aliens will pleasure members for eternity, or Stang says they get triple their Church dues back.

He calls the party one last hurrah among “nerdy boys” and “weirdos,” though he’d be surprised if UFOs actually came.

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True Hero Revealed in Sweden!

Our one quest, our guiding light in doing Sitting Now is to bring you truth. No scratch that, our true goal is to bring you the TRUE TRUTH. That's two truths in one, and thus, twice as good! Now it seems that the Swedish, a nation known for the tracing of true truths, has finally come round to our way of thinking:

PraBob, Ken Eakins
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