I’ve known Noreena Hertz most of my (and her) life. She’s always been my most mentally able friend. I don’t know what her IQ is, except that it’s off the charts. Her list of achievments at early ages is beyond prodigy. There was a risk, though, of going off the rails, and no doubt some of the more establishment politicians and economists thought that was exactly what she had done when she started writing and speaking about how the underpinnings of modern capitalist economies were unsustainable and inevitably heading towards massive crises.

Well she’s finally getting her dues, as this profile in Fast Company shows:

Not long ago, economist Noreena Hertz lived at the lefty margins of her field. But her (widely ignored) prediction of the credit crisis and her call for a more evolved form of capitalism have suddenly put her at the center of the universe.

Noreena Hertz had to seduce Bono…