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Drinking and Writing: A Love Story

Drinking and writing have always been joined at the hip. There is something oddly romantic about the drunk writer, brilliant, tortured, and misunderstood.

Over the years, many a young hack without talent have aspired to be the next Chandler, Bukowski, or Exley. One can’t avoid them really. You often meet them at lame parties, where they talk of Kerouac and Thompson, and how one of these days they are just going to do it. They are going to write that book that has been festering inside of them, and how that book will be filled with pain, loss, and of course, alcohol.

To be fair though, I suppose the reason people feel that way is that, when done well, there is nothing better than a tale such as this well told. Not many can do it well. It isn’t easy to catch that feeling of boozing and good times that turn bad quickly and soon get worse.… Read the rest

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Colonial Americans Drank Roughly Three Times as Much as Americans Do Now

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All day drinking was common among early Americans.

Emma Green via The Atlantic:

It was a pretty common belief among the founders [regarding] America’s experiment with republicanism, that the only way that we were going to keep it was through the virtue of our citizens,” said Bruce Bustard, the curator of a National Archives exhibit on American alcohol consumption. As Rush observed the effects of alcohol consumption, he had the young nation’s future in mind: People experiencing what he saw as the “Melancholy,” “Madness,” and “Despair” of intemperance surely wouldn’t make for very good participants in democracy.

Early America was also a much, much wetter place than it is now, modern frat culture notwithstanding. Instead of binge-drinking in short bursts, Americans often imbibed all day long. “Right after the Constitution is ratified, you could see the alcoholic consumption starting to go up,” said Bustard. Over the next four decades, Americans kept drinking steadily more, hitting a peak of 7.1 gallons of pure alcohol per person per year in 1830.

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The Future of Booze May Be Here

The future of boozeMan, I have been saying this since I was a teenager and it’s become even more glaring as technology advances. So, you can make it so I can access the internet on my goddamn phone but you can’t make something that mimics the socially liberating effects of alcohol without making me hungover or fat? Well, apparently this potentiality I’ve been talking about since I was roughly 14 is now right around the corner. Particularly pertinent in my world, as I’ve had to abandon my hard drinking lifestyle in the last few years because it became obvious my body couldn’t handle it any more. I’ve been bored ever since. What’s also fascinating about this is that it’s being championed by the dude who got fired by the British government for pointing out that alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous than most illegal drugs:

“I’ve done the prototype experiments myself,” he said. “I’ve been inebriated and then it’s been reversed by the antagonist.… Read the rest

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