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Get Off The Bottle

banner_tapped_homeHere at the disinformation NYC offices we recently ditched our 5-Gallon water jugs and fitted a water filter cooler (tastes just as good, no more storage of those jugs - and it's cheaper!). We were educated about the ills of the plastic bottles by filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig, whose movie Tapped we'll be releasing on DVD this summer. Stephanie is here in New York for Earth Day and appeared on CBS Early Show this morning (video below). If you're in New York, don't miss an exclusive screening of Tapped at the Sunshine Theater this evening, preceded by a bottle exchange sponsored by Whole Foods, where the first 100 guests to bring an empty plastic water bottle to the event will receive cool Kleen Kanteen bottles in exchange and after that, people will receive coupons for 40% off Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles (outside the theater at 6 PM). Watch CBS News Videos Online
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Outlawing Bottled Water

For those paying attention, calls for removal of plastics from our food and water and elsewhere in our household and workplace environments have been getting a whole lot louder recently and will receive worldwide attention during World Water Week in September. For those who liked Annie Leonard's Story of Stuff, she's made a new film, The Story of Bottled Water: The message is starting to go mainstream. TIME Magazine recently highlighted "The Perils of Plastic." Here's what they have to say about Bisphenol A (BPA), the type of plastic used to bottle water:
What It Is: A chemical used in plastic production Found In: Water bottles, baby bottles, plastic wraps, food packaging Health Hazards: The government's National Toxicology Program has concluded that there is some concern about brain and behavioral effects...
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