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Idiot Sets Fire to Stage Magician’s Head

Picture: Wayne Houchin (C)

“I’d like to beat the living s–t out of that coward that did this to Wayne. Sorry but I am disgusted beyond words and equally angered. I hope that justice will be served. Get better soon, Wayne. We are all thinking of you”

- Conjurer77, YouTube commentor.

The American stage magician Wayne Houchin, currently one of the stars and hosts of Breaking Magic (Discovery), has suffered severe burns to his face and head after a lunatic poured burning liquid over him in an unprovoked and unexpected attack during the taping of a TV show. The YouTube video (posted at bottom of this article) is going viral and fans of the magician are more than a little annoyed. According to The Telegraph:

[Wayne]was in the Dominican Republic to promote his Curiosidades show when he suffered severe burns after a TV chat show host poured burning cologne over his head.

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