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Broccoli Set To Scupper Obamacare

David Monniaux (CC)

Can you believe that the United States Supreme Court is poised to throw out President Obama’s signature health care legislation based on a fear of being made to eat broccoli? I mean, whaaaaat??? James B. Stewart cites various precedents for “broccoliphobia,” but omits George H. W. Bush’s well known dislike of the healthy vegetable, which I would posit made it fashionable for conservatives to denounce it. He reports in the New York Times:

What does broccoli have to do with health insurance?

Until recently, nothing. But now, perhaps a lot.

Broccoli, of all things, came up in the Supreme Court during arguments over the constitutionality of the Obama administration’s health care legislation. If Congress can require Americans to buy health insurance, Justice Antonin Scalia asked, could it force people to buy just about anything — including a green vegetable that many find distasteful?

“Everybody has to buy food sooner or later,” he said.

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